Today, Opera introduces Opera Mini 5.1, an update to the popular Opera Mini 5, which further improves the browsing experience on phones with limited memory.

Opera Mini 5.1 is here

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Today, Opera introduces Opera Mini 5.1, an update to the popular Opera Mini 5, which further improves the browsing experience on phones with limited memory. The update includes a new optimized browser skin allowing for more pages to be open at the same time, more rapid scrolling through pages, and overall improved browsing performance

This update is highly recommended for users of Nokia S40 feature phones with limited memory, such as the popular Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 6300 and Nokia 2700 handsets. This upgrade will also benefit phones with a small screen size, such as the Sony Ericsson K550i and Sony Ericsson W810i phones. In addition, Opera Mini 5.1 will improve the browsing experience for those who have encountered out-of-memory issues or the need to reload open web pages while surfing with Opera Mini 5. The update is not critical for Opera Mini users on smartphones or high end devices.


Go to with your phone’s default browser and Opera will automatically select the optimized version for your phone.


  1. Good, I could remember when Opera 5 first came out and it was giving the usual Nokia memory low error, now lets go check this one out.

    Opera is really doing well in the mobile world, but striving in desktop browsing.

  2. just downloaded this. posting this with it.
    the two things I have noticed so far- on my nokia 5800 – is the improved kinetic scrollong as well as better font aesthetics.
    should keep the opera loyalists even more loyal….

  3. That is nice, I also downloaded it but as usual it refused to load on MTN, i will try it with an Etisalat SIM over the week end.

  4. @deoladoctor

    It is so unfortunate. Gone are the good old days when i used to enjoy opera on MTN.

    Inside sources say it is because alot of ppl were using patched opera for free browsing on MTN. I told the guy that MTN needs to step up on there security and stop giving flimsy excuses.

    I rest my case till i find a way around it.

  5. MTN banning (unmodified) Opera Mini from their network does not solve the free browsing problem. free browsing is still going on. meanwhile people who are willing to pay for, and access their internet service legitimately (via Opera Mini) are prevented from doing so.

    ANY Java application that makes USE of internet services can be modified to bypass the networks’ data billing system.

    there are modified versions of ucweb, opera mini, Bolt browser, snaptu, ebuddy, nimbuzz and so on..

    how many of such modified Java applications will be prohibited from accessing internet services on their network?

    like bosun99uk said, ‘MTN needs to step up on their security and stop giving flimsy excuses’.

    that, or they emulate Zain & Etisalat’s pocket- friendlier data bundles. that should reduce drastically if not completely eliminate) the free browsing craze on their networks…

  6. Finally got my opera working.
    Certainly not on MTN I had to use my Etisalat SIM. Memory usage better as I was able to multitask better.

  7. @Metamba
    Most of the people I know that use Nokia E71i hardly have memory issues so I dont think such update for better memory usage will make much difference to you.

  8. OK. I just had to stop cos I dont have all day, but i must say that Opera 5.1 is awesome cos I was able to open 50 tabs on Nokia 5230.

  9. I had gsmarena,gsmarena blog,gmail,yahoomail,hotmail,aol,,twitter,facebook and the remaining 41 were On a Nokia 5230.

  10. I’ve tried downloading opera mini 5.1 from to a nokia 3110 c and Samsung D 770 but I was not giving an option of downloadin OM 5.1 on both phones, the latest version available for the phones is OM4.2. Months back i was able to download OM 5.0 from this link but it is no more available.
    Now I’ve downloaded on PC and sent to the nokia 3310c and it is fuctioning perfectly. I’ll now find a way of installing a copy on the samsung. Does anyone have an easy process of installing java applications on samsung not downloading from a website?

  11. Can anybody tell me how to use opera mini 5.1
    To be honest with you, i’m totally confused with what to put in:
    front query
    custom server etc

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