Oraimo Toast 10000mAh power bank review

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I got my hands on Oraimo Fast Charging 10000mAh Power Bank, called Toast OPB-P103D. It is also called Oraimo Toast 10000mAh. This is a slim portable battery that gets the job done. Here is my full review.

Oraimo Toast OPB-P103D is a slim portable battery that fits nicely into a trouser pocket. The slim profile was my key attraction. Who wants to carry an extra device that is bulky around? If it is not slim, I am not interested.

And so, after looking at a number of options, I settled for the Toast. I saw that it was slim and it had fast charging support. That sounded like what the doctor ordered, so I took the plunge and tried it out.

But before we dive into the review proper, let’s look at the key specs and features of the Oraimoh Toast 10000mAh portable battery.

Oraimo Fast Charging 10000mAh Power Bank Quick Specs

  • Lithium-Polymer 10000 mAh
  • Ultra Slim
  • Dual Output
  • Fast Charging
  • Multi-protection
  • Flash Light

Oraimo Toast 10000mAh power bank review

I like the textured plastic material used for the Toast OPB-P103D. And having a slim profile made it even more beautiful. But then, beauty is not the essence of a power bank. How well it does the job is key.

Which is why I am happy to report that Oraimo Toast 10000mAh does a good job.

With a 10,000 mAh capacity, Oraimo Toast is able to keep my Galaxy S9 Plus topped up fully twice and then some on a full charge. Which is saying something. And it is nice that it charges fast. The fast charging standard is just 5V/2A, but that is more than adequate for me.

The only accessory that came in the pack is a short standard USB cable for charging. There is no wall charger, as is the case with all other power banks in existence, I believe.

Its slim profile means I can hold it together with the Galaxy S9 Plus for charging without too much inconvenience.

Samsun Galaxy S9 Plus on top; Oraimo fast charging 10000mAh power bank below

My phone uses USB Type-C, so I have to use a Type-C adapter with the included cable. Thankfully, I have a spare short cable somewhere in the house and have been able to charge two devices at the same time with it.

I haven’t had reason to use the flashlight on the Oraimo fast charging 10000mAh power bank yet. I do know that a double click on the power button on the device flips it on and another double click turns it on. At least, it works and I know it is there. Fair enough.

Where to buy the Oraimo fast charging 10000mAh power bank

Oraimo is everywhere. You will find the brand’s products in retail stores, as well as on online e-commerce shops. My source says the Oraimo fast charging 10000mAh power bank costs N7,000, and as far as my experience with it in the last few weeks is concerned, it is worth the money.

I think I may have finally found the perfect replacement for my ZMI 10000mAh quick charge power bank.

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  1. 10000mAh power bank sounds like the real deal. The problem is, nowadays, everything is being pirated. To get the oroginal might not be so easy. We’ll need key features, signs, writings on the item so we don’t fall victims to pirates.

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