Otondoh.com: Youth Corpers' Mobile Community

Otondoh.com home page
Just a few days ago, a mobile community for National Youth Corps Service members was launched. Called Otondoh, it allows youth corps members connect and share their experiences with each other. Here are brief features of Otondoh.com:

  • Corpers can share status just like Facebook with comments and “like” features
  • Private Message: This allows you to send direct message to a fellow corper. This is just like twitter’s DM feature.
  • It allows members “easily find friends based on their school, current location, local government area, and more and get updates from them”.
  • Photo Gallery: This section allows corpers to create photo albums for others to see. This is a great feature as it helps corpers to share their experiences in images.
  • Camp Items: This page lists all essential items needed in the camp. At least those who visited the page before going to camp can get some help with what they need to take along and what’s not needed.
  • Job Page: This pages is supposed to display job tips and probably job openings when fully developed.
  • Profile page
  • Places: This allows the newly posted corpers to get the address of the orientation camp of their state of deployment.

Otondoh.com currently has over 800 members. It is an “all-mobile” platform, though can be accessed on PC.

Otondoh Explore

This is a great initiative and it should get wide acceptance among corpers. If you are a serving corper, visit Otondoh.com and start connecting.


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