Ovim tablet now available in the Phone Store; distributors wanted

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The Ovim tablet is now available by pre-order in the Mobility Nigeria phone store. Ovim will be available on the 20th of January 2011, but placing your upfront now gets you a N5,000 discount and pay only N45,000 now. The price jumps back to the standard N50,000 on the 10th of January.


Simply use the order button on the phone store to place your pre-order and make payment into our GTBank account. You will receive an acknowledgement of your payment on the same day.

Your device will be delivered to you in line with our standard phone store delivery policies.

Distributors Wanted
Would you like to be a distributor of the Ovim tablet? Rich rewards await you. Simply submit a comment via the comment box below providing the following details:

  1. Contact Name
  2. Business/Company Name (if any)
  3. Email address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Your Location (Town and State

NB: The information that you submit will not be published.

  1. This man you are too much. This is how Nigeria should function. Democracy. Congrats Mobility Nigeria, Fasmicro and Microscale. People, let Nigerians work together. I will be getting my own copy.

  2. Up Mobilitynigeria.com forever!!

    I’m interested in being a distributor.

    Submitted details noted – admin

  3. I commend everyone to see how this country could progress. If we work together and support our people, this country will be better. With Mobility Nigeria distributing this, he can create one more job and that is the way unemployment is reduced. Congrats to all the partners. Nigeria has a future. I wish i have the means to become a distributor. i like the product b/4 it is local and for mass market.

  4. I would like to be a distributor. Mobolaji Olamide A.

    Your details have been noted and will be forwarded. – admin

  5. Dapo Ajose-Adeogun

    Your details have been noted and will be forwarded – admin

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