Palm makes a come-back with WebOS!

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Without dilly-dallying, Palm seems to have pulled a miraculous come-back from years of ho-hum devices. The Palm Pre looks stunning and the new operating system, WebOS, performs with a fluidity and Wow factor that rivals what the Mac OS X on the iPhone offers.

But don’t take my word for it. PreCentral has a detailed Palm Pre review, which includes a video that showcases Web OS on the new smartphone.

The Palm Pre running the stunning new WebOS mobilityarena
The Palm Pre running the stunning new Web OS

I have watched the video again and again, and it is obvious that Palm has worked its way up into the top 3 outstanding mobile OS list, namely Mac OS X, Android and Web OS. These three new entrants make Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry operating systems look and feel “old school”.

Here is the video:

For the benefit of narrowband (and mobile) users, We have squeezed the video into an 11mb MP4 file that you can download to your phone for viewing at your convenience.

Don’t forget the massive, detailed Palm Pre review over at PreCentral. It is a must-read.

Oh, by the way, “Well done, Palm. And welcome back to the game!”

Update: Follow the travails of WebOS with Gram.


  1. Finally,a phone/OS i can rant about; fully featured and eye-candy user interface.We’ve been slapped 4 2 long with the iphone hype;a phone that falls short of some basic phone functionality and its ‘kill switch’ controversy.I cant wait 4 a gsm based version( probably will be out next yr in Europe).Thinking of starting my blog in a month and this phone will certainly be on my hype list( and wishlist of course).

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