Everyone is tired of the nonsense that Nigerian mobile networks do with robocalls and flash messages. I am certain that you will be happy to declare Payback…

Payback Time: Force your network to stop robocalls #PaybackTime

Everyone is tired of the nonsense that Nigerian mobile networks do with robocalls and flash messages. I am certain that you will be happy to declare Payback Time on guilty networks. I have an idea of what we can all do to make them stop.


Just yesterday evening, EyeBeeKay had just complained to me about the pesky flash messages that his wife’s network provider has been disturbing her with. Then he asked me if there was no way to run a campaign to bring this practice to the notice of the NCC. It was shortly after his question that someone shared the audio of a supposed telephone conversation between a customer and an Airtel customer service representative with me.

Here is the audio, so you can listen for yourself:


I laughed so hard after listening to the above. The call was the perfect payback. Next thing you know, a light bulb came on in my head: galvanise subscribers en masse to replicate this call. We will call the NCC’s attention to the networks’ violations, but why not have tons of fun and make the networks feel the power of subscribers?


This Is Payback Time

The plan is this: if your network is guilty of disturbing you with robocalls or flash messages, call their customer care line once a day for the next seven days and ask for something ridiculous. Ask for where you can get US visa. Ask for how to get to Abuja from Jalingo. Ask for how to start a business with N5.00 capital only. And when the agents reply to tell you that your request is inappropriate, tell them that your call and request is intentional because they do the same to you every day.

Payback Time

Do it once a day for a week. If 10% of Lagos mobile subscribers only follow this plan, the networks will take a huge hit. If after a week, they do not get the message, who says we cannot continue? Calls to customer care is free. Two minutes of fun daily is not a bad idea.

Participate And Share!

Who wants to do this with us? If your GSM network is still violating your personal space with robocalls and flash messages, you can turn the table on them with this. Share this on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else. Do not forget to use the hashtag #PaybackTime. Let’s do this!

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  1. ????? but the risk here is dem tagging your number as spam. When you then need their services for real, no show.

  2. I was just about to say, that Payback could backfire. They could

    * Tag your number as Spam
    * Make Customer Service calls billable
    * Not respond when you really have a problem
    (a bit like NEPA going on strike when you don’t have light, you wonder what difference it will make)

    I still would like to know where you can get a bag of rice for less than N15k in Anambra though.

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