PayPal ditches Windows Phone and Blackberry platforms

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In an announcement, PayPal have just ditched BlackBerry and Windows phone version of their apps. This means that from June 30, the apps will no longer be functional. Contrary to this the online financial firm updated the Android and iOS versions of their apps. See part of the release below:


For Windows Phone users, we will sunset the current version of the PayPal app on June 30. However, Windows Phone users can still access PayPal through our mobile web experience on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. users can also use the PayPal add-in to send money directly from their inbox.

If you are an Amazon Fire or Blackberry user, we will be discontinuing the PayPal app on June 30, after which you will no longer be able to use the app. However, customers on these devices can still log into PayPal on these phones via our mobile web experience. Blackberry users can also continue to use the BBM app to send peer-to-peer payments via PayPal.

Like our brother @spacyzuma said, this is another nail to the coffin for both platforms. With the way they are both going down they might discover oil :mrgreen:



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  1. We already know Blackberry is dead.

    What all the service ditching is confirming is just that Blackberry will soon have company in their oily grave… in the name of Windowsphone…

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