Photo leak: Is this the next phone from OnePlus?

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Earlier this year, OnePlus launched their latest device the OnePlus 2. This came along with the usual hype and fanfare, but then there still issues plaguing the brand and their new phone. The worst case is the unavailability of their devices. Till date, people are still queued, waiting for their turn to even pay to get one.


That aside, OnePlus CEO has released a formal apology. In an interview, he also hinted that OnePlus would release another device before the year runs out. Details are still sketchy, but he affirmed the phone may, or may not be high specced.


Images of this new baby have appeared on the internet, courtesy of Weibo. From the images, it really looks like premium stuff. That looks like dual camera and dual LED flash sensors at the back.


Is that circle a fingerprint sensor too?

Early rumors also suggest this slab will be named OnePlus X. Quite fancy. Hopefully, in time, we’ll get to learn more about this phone. From the pictures above, what do you think?



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  1. Trully, the phone looks superb, but then I foresee it beeing more of a tablet than a phablet.
    My ache with them is that I have not seen their phone in my area for once. I tried to get oneplus2 but I couldn’t and I rested by the side of phantom Z.

  2. First thing that came to my mind was availability of the phone but i’m glad you also mentioned it as one of the issues plaguing the brand. I dont understand how one makes such beautiful phones and have issues with distribution?

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