Photos from Google House Nigeria with Samsung Galaxy K zoom

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I was invited to Africa’s first ever Google House event, Google House Nigeria last week. It was a series of practical and engaging demonstrations of how to use Google services in everyday scenarios at home – in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, as well as for business and travel.

I had with me the Samsung Galaxy K zoom and had an interesting time snapping away. I thought you would enjoy some of the photos I took with it.

Here are Maryann Balogun of The Quadrant Company and Ruth Olurounbi of The Tribune, both very lovely ladies:
K zoom Maryann Ruth

The next shot captures a section of the demonstration hall. Guess what Google service was demonstrated here:
k zoom Keke Marwa

I couldn’t resist snapping this lovely window view of the Victoria Island skyline:
K zoom out the window

During one of the presentations about using Google services for travel, I caught this interesting view of a cameraman doing his thing:
k zoom cameraman

Here is a crop of the above photo, showing some really sharp details of both the cameraman’s head and of his rig:
k zoom cameraman zoomed

Really sharp and detailed. The colours are spot on too.

Again, I took all the above photos in Program Mode, and I recommend that you use that as your default shooting mode if you own this gadget (see why in this post). I like the Galaxy K zoom. It captures great photos both indoors and outdoors. The indoor shots are really nice because of the difference that the Xenon flash makes. Yes; it is a slightly bulky smartphone, but if you want the very best cameraphone available on Android OS, this is it. No contest.

PS: Do not use the above photographs without my permission. Thanks.

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