Photos: See what the 2016 Volkswagen Beetle looks like

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How time flies. I recall those days when the Volkswagen Beetle was quite something. Kids their Dad owned the car felt like kings. Today, I think that ride is totally off the road ,maybe except for the newer models. I hereby present to you, the 2016 model of Volkswagen Beetle. Enjoy!!

2016-Beetle (1)

The front view

2016-Beetle (4)

The back side

2016-Beetle (3)

The lateral view

2016-Beetle (5)

A look at the inside

2016-Beetle (2)

This ride would be available for purchase come first quarter of 2016, while the convertible variant will hit the market in Q3. It looks really enticing, would you bite? 🙂


  1. My brother was a big fan of the original VW Beetle until they revamped the body. And the one opportunity I had to be in the newer model, I fell in love with it. Barring the practicality, it’s a vehicle I would love to own, but on Nigerian roads I’d feel safer in a Land Rover or Peugeot 504 ?

  2. Doesn’t really look too ideal for Naija roads,I cringe to think what the bumps and gullies on our roads will do to the low lying framework of the car..

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