The Samsung Jet is such a bag of features that it seems it will take ages for us to cover every base. So, we are taking a…

Pictoral Review of the Samsung S8003 Jet

The Samsung Jet is such a bag of features that it seems it will take ages for us to cover every base. So, we are taking a short-cut by doing this pictoral review. We’ll present screenshots and our comments.


Don’t forget that we still have our list of negatives coming up tomorrow or the day after. Feel free to post your comments, questions and requests please.

The Jet is a non-smartphone that is still impressing everyone here in many ways. But don’t forget that we are coming up with our list of things we do not like on the Jet after this. Yes; its a great phone, but it isn’t perfect.


In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and our comments!

IMG 0731
The Dolphin web browser (which is WebKit based) has full flash support. Here is the homepage of the Ozone Cinemas website in its full glory.
IMG 0751
The Dolphin browser is one of the best we have seen on a mobile device. It supports flash, javascript, downloading, zooming, browse for file (uploading), and even has an ad-blocking feature. Still, it fails the Acid3 test by a small margin. Dolphin scores 91/100. Not too shabby; Firefox on PC scores 93/100.
IMG 0716
Playing back songs in landscape mode. Music Player has equaliser, surround sound, and the volume is good. It also supports playlists and album art (gorgeous on that screen). Unfortunately, we haven’t found a menu to set shuffle or repeat of a track or playlist.
IMG 0738
Image Editor: You can resize, rotate, flip an image, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, colour, and auto level. Applicable effects include: filter, style, warp, and partial blur. You can insert images, frame, clip art, text, emoticon
IMG 0743
Video Editor: You can add or replace audio on video, apply volume effects e.g. fade sound away, or reduce/increase volume. Videos can be trimmed, copied, cut, or split. You can add files to a video, join two videos, and export. You can also add a range of effects
IMG 0746
Dynamic Canvas – This application lets you draw sketches in full colour using either your finger or a stylus. Results can be saved as image files or as a flash file – in which case when played back, the file plays as an animation, starting with your first stroke to the very last as you complete the image. Our in-house wanna-be artist did a sketch using his index finger. It is available for download below.

Sample product of Dynamic CanvasFlash animation created on Samsung Jet with Dynamic Canvas (We have converted the animation to MP4 format, which is supported by most mobiles so almost anyone can view it; 390kb large)

An application named Communities gives you access to upload files to various social sites, including: Facebook, Flickr, Friendster, MySpace, Photobucket, and Picasa. We tried out Facebook: When launched, it asks for login details, you can select existing albums, or create a new one. Communities has an Account Manager where you can store login details for each community.
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