In today’s world, digital marketers need to embrace the use of mobile marketing apps. Mobile marketing is one sure way digital marketers can expand their

14 popular mobile marketing apps for digital marketers

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In today’s world, digital marketers need to embrace the use of mobile marketing apps.

Mobile marketing is one sure way digital marketers can expand their reach and grow your business. The prevalence of smartphones in the world today makes this a vital part of any business. From monitoring the metrics of your campaigns to creating attractive content, apps have become a vital part of mobile marketing.

The Most Popular Mobile Marketing Apps for Digital Marketers

Therefore, businesses and marketers would do well to make use of apps to reach their clients and manage their businesses. Here are some apps that are popular among mobile marketers:

Social Media Management Apps

  1. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a popular social media dashboard. It allows you to post on your social media sites and keep track of your posts. It also gives your analytics on your sites to help you increase traffic and following on the sites.
  2. Buffer: Buffer allows you to manage your main social media accounts at once. You can schedule posts for your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and analyze the performances of your posts.
  3. Nimble: This app allows you to track and engage relationships on social media. It does this by unifying contact information, social media profiles and online conversations of important connections in one location.

Mobile marketing apps for digital marketers

RSS News Readers

  1. Feedly: This is a website aggregator which allows you to get information from all your favorite blogs and sites in one place. You can get all the information on your smartphone or tablet.

Blogging Apps

  1. WordPress: This is the most popular blogging tool for personal and business use. You can update your blog, upload and edit posts from your smartphone or tablet. You can also manage your viewers’ comments on your mobile device.
  2. Blogger: This is a less popular blogging app. However, it is one of the pioneer blogging tools, owned by Google. It helps you blog, upload, edit posts and manage user comments from your smartphone or tablet. Also, you can share your location via geo tags.

Digital Marketing Reference Apps

  1. Quora: This is a good platform for marketers who seek information from reliable sources. The app invites users to help each other by adding their own knowledge. When you ask a question, you get real answers from people. Also, you get the option to post blogs.
  2. Quick Win Digital Marketing Lite: This app provides answers to the top 100 digital marketing questions. It is divided into 5 sections, which include Digital Essentials, Digital Toolbox, Digital Marketing, Branding Online, and Managing, Measuring and Money Making Online.

Project File Sharing Apps

  1. Dropbox: This app allows you to store, sync and share folders online. Once you have an internet connection, you can store your photos, videos and documents and access them wherever you are.
  2. Google Drive: This is similar to Dropbox. You can sync Google Drive with your phone and it enables you to share documents and files with anyone. Many digital marketers actually use Google Drive instead of Dropbox.
  3. Evernote: With Evernote, you can write notes, capture photos and documents and share notes across a variety of devices easily. It immediately syncs with all your connected devices so you don’t have to repeatedly update to the latest version.

Analytics apps

  1. AnalyticsPro 2: This app allows you to view 61 reports organized into 8 sections: Summary, Visitors, Traffic Sources, Content, Goals, E-Commerce, App Tracking and Social. You can authenticate the app to access more than one Google account and switch between them easily. Most of all, it helps you identify trends and get the most out of Google Analytics on mobile.
  2. helps you track down reliable customers for your business. With this app, you can create the right campaigns to re-engage casual mobile visitors and make them customers. It does that by making reports that will help you gain better understanding of your customers, and thus generate more sales.
  3. AdMob: This is an extension of Google Analytics. It shows advertisements from lots of Google advertisers. Also, it generates reports from more than 40 networks through AdMob Mediation. All these ad networks are managed in one interface, and you can track the highest paying ads easily.

So there you have it. This list of mobile marketing apps is not exhaustive, but it is a good start. Mobile marketing certainly does not rely on these apps alone. However, they are very important in this field.

Have you used any of the apps we listed above? How well have they worked for you in your career as a digital marketer? Do you use any mobile marketing apps that are not listed here? Tell us about your experiences using them.

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