Power Dressing: Three smartphones to make a statement with in 2015

Posted by Mister Mobility

Looking dapper is good for business, not to mention that it also feels darn good. If you dress to make a statement, your smartphone has to get with the programme as well. Here are three smartphones that will get you the right attention everywhere you go.

Apple iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6 is iconic. It is Apple after all. Carry it anywhere, and it compliments your power image effortlessly. It makes the statement, “I am not cheap”.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The S6 Edge looks the part, especially with the striking curved edges. If you live on the edge, this dude is exactly what you want to be caught with.

BlackBerry Passport

In a world of boring rectangular slabs, no other smartphone on the market is as instantly recognizable as or exudes the air of power of the Passport. It does not matter hat sort of power statement you want to make, you cannot go wrong with the BlackBerry Passport.

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  1. While I agree with the iPhone and the Samsung choice of power dressing, how in all that is mobile can a slab of brick like the Blackberry passport make this elite list.?

    That thing is ugly like sin. I couldn’t be caught dead with that rectangular slab of brick. There is a reason most displays (tiny or big) are no longer square any more. Blackberry should simply stop all the funny designs like this brick and the new Slider joke.

    Please o!

  2. EyeBeeKay,

    The BlackBerry Passport ugly? LOL. One of the most beautiful smartphones ever made. Whatever you think, people who want to make statement carry the Passport proudly and with class.

    That device in hand opens doors, pal.

  3. I once went to a very high profile party in Akure. I was one of the few peeps that purchased the over expensive aso ebi and was thus referred to the VIP sit, suddenly this guy came in, no aso ebi, he had a black and gold blackberry passport, the bouncers let him in, in a whince. On getting to his sseat beside me, I told him, he must be really important, guess what he told me ” waving my BlackBerry passport has opened more doors that I can remember” so yes BlackBerry passport should top that list, please. Especially the Silver one, simple class

  4. BlackBerry passport deserves the top spot. That phone is not to be mistaken.
    You may not fancy it but according to the topic above… passport comes first

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