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Windows Phone 8

This article presents quick answers to the questions that you are asking about Windows Phone 8. These answers are from my hands-on experience with the Nokia Lumia 920. I will keep updating this article with answers to any questions you may have about Windows Phone 8. Do ask quickly, as the Lumia is heading back to Nokia in about a week’s time.

Does Windows Phone 8 have WiFi hotspot?

A: Yes; WP8 has WiFi hotspot feature. It is labelled as “Internet Sharing” and supports up to eight (8) connected devices. Encryption is provided and you can set both the name and password of your hotspot.

On Windows Phone 8, do you need to switch on Bluetooth before you can carry out Bluetooth operation?

A: When you initiate a Bluetooth operation e.g. sending a file, the OS will prompt you to turn on Bluetooth, pair both devices, and then you can send your file.

On Windows Phone 8, can one kill (an opened) app without bringing it to the forefront?

A: You can kill a running app only by going to Settings – Applications – Background Tasks

Does Windows Phone 8 support pegging mobile data to either 2G or 3G?

A: It allows you to peg to 2G only or automatic switch between 2G and 3G. 3G-only option is not present.

Does Windows Phone 8 have inbuilt APN database and does it allow creation of new ones and selection of any APN to use at any time?

A: It has a built-in database of APNs. There is no option to manually enter any APNs. I put in my SIM, turn network data on, and I am just able to browse automatically.

I found the option to manually add APNs way down in the Settings menu and located different from where it was in Windows Phone 7. Under Settings – Access Point – Add.

Does Windows Phone 8 do multitasking?

A: Yes; but it isn’t multitasking as you know it on say Symbian/Belle, Android or BlackBerry. It is pseudo-multitasking like what obtains on iOS. When you go away from an app, it is frozen in the background. When you return to it, the app resumes.

How does mass storage work on Windows Phone 8?

A: Connect the WP8 device to your PC and it is recognised as a storage device. Browse it like you would a USB flash drive and copy, cut, and paste files as you wish.

Does Windows Phone 8 have USB-on-the-go?

A: No; it doesn’t.

How Can one take a screen shot on Windows Phone 8?

A: Simple. Press the Power and Start buttons simultaneously. Your display will flash the colour of your chosen theme and you will hear a sound like that of the camera shutter. Screenshot saved. You can find your screenshots in the Photos hub under: Albums -> Saved Pictures.

Can I download audio and video files from the browser?

A: Unfortunately, no. Windows Phone 8 web browser does not support media file downloads. When you attempt a download, it launches the music or video player and streams the file. There is no option to save the file.


  1. Thanks for the quick answers to those questions.not bad at all, but you did not address my question as in how data hungry is windows OS compare to droid or belle? Then the issue of APN. This might not be a problem for Airtel, MTN and Etisalat all of which uses only one APN(if you have bundle they use it and if U don’t they go to your call credit), but glo has 2 APN, one for bundle(gloflat of which if it is set to it and u dont/have exuasted your bundle, the phone will never connect to net even if your call credit ) and the other for call credit(glosecure).If you can experiment with 2 diff glo SIM one with bundle and the other without bundle to see how it works then I will happy sir. Thanks

  2. how does the quality of apps compare to Android. One beautiful thing about Android aside from the number of apps is the quality and user experience those apps gives. They are all smart unlike apps on symbian or bb (don’t know about iOS). Will this pseudo multitasking and live tiles not affect the UX and quality of apps as we used to know?

  3. Glad L920 is tha house.However,i will like you to address issues of data hunger and GLO APN raised by Andy.GLO APN to me is the best because it gives you complete independence on data and airtime.

  4. How dos this beauty compare with an android when it comes to gulping up one’s data?

    Also, which of Glo’s two APN does it latch on? The Glo direct or the Gloflat?

  5. Awesome Tips.
    The wifi hotspot looks gr8.
    “You can kill a running app only by going to Settings – Applications – Background Tasks” I believe one can PIN this to home screen
    2G & 3G, i would have loved to be able to chose only 3G so that I can force my phone to only pick 3G like I do on my Symbian
    I doubt if i can leave with the multitasking on wp8, i hope it will change in subsequent versions.
    USB OTG, hoping Nokia will bring this and FM transmitter. this are two things i love on my 808.

    Good Job

  6. MR MO pls can you point the browser at a link and download music and videos as WP7.5 is not allowed to do this cos microsoft wants to build an eco system pls can WP8 do it, thanks.

  7. MR MO pls can you point the browser at a link and download music and videos as WP7.5 is not allowed to do this cos microsoft wants to build an eco system pls can WP8 do it, thanks. AND i thought lumia 920 and samsung ativ s has USB OTG WP8 might not have it but i think nokia ans samsung added it on there sites

  8. I’ve got some questions, please.

    1. How do you load media files into the phone? Via Bluetooth? Zune? USB Mode?

    2. Could you try loading a video and a audio file using all three methods above, and see if the files will play?

    3. About not downloading media files from the internet, could you try downloading a song from your dropbox folder?

    4. Can the 920 play HD videos?

    5. How is editing of Office documents?

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