If you are looking for a mouse for pro gamers, it is widely known that you should look for a wired mouse with an optical

Razer Lancehead mouse: For the hardcore gamers

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If you are looking for a mouse for pro gamers, it is widely known that you should look for a wired mouse with an optical sensor. However, not all great mice have that. For example, the Razer Lancehead standard mouse is a wireless mouse with a laser sensor, which is just as good, if not better, than some mice with optical sensors.

The Razer Lancehead mouse is sleek and minimal, with thin thumb buttons on both sides. It comes with rubber sides for an improved grip, a notched scroll wheel meant for easy gameplay, and buttons on the top to raise and lower the tracking DPI of your laptop while playing games. Also, just like many high-end wireless mice, the Razer Lancehead comes with a USB dongle, which can be plugged into the mouse’s removable Micro USB cable via an adapter. Therefore, it is easy to switch between wired and wireless mode with almost no downtime.Razer Lancehead gaming mouse

Furthermore, the mouse comes with Razer’s Synapse software. However, it could be annoying to some people that Synapse requires you to log in to a Razer account to set it up. However, this is important if you want to change your mouse DPI.

In terms of performance, one would surely expect a mouse that costs $138 to be great. The Razer Lancehead is a great mouse. According to reports, the click feels good, and it tracks really well on multiple surfaces. Really, if you do not have a preference of optical over laser, you would enjoy using the Razer Lancehead. The only downside to this mouse is that the side buttons are a little thin, so if you have large thumbs you might have trouble pressing them properly.

Some high-end mice have little LED displays that show your current settings. Some others are modular, which would allow you to swap the buttons around and do some other things. The Razer Lancehead does not have either of these qualities, but it is still great value for its price. After all, the wireless performance is quite fantastic.



  1. Let me inform my neighbour and brother about this. They are gamers freak …lol

  2. DPI (Dots per inch). I learnt a new term today thanks.
    No, I did not read the part where the mouse costs $138. I skipped that part lol.

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