Refreshing XUI : Infinix updates beta Lollipop ROM for the Hot Note

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Few weeks ago Infinix released Android Lollipop as a public beta for a host of Infinix phone models. The goal was to share it to users, get necessary feedback before fixing necessary bugs and making it official. Infinix has just released an improved Lollipop software – though this time it’s only for users of Infinix Hot Note X551.

Inifinix XUI

The new software comes with a refreshed user interface called XUI Beta, below is the full change-log:

  • Optimized ui display, XUI first beta release,
  • Added font management, theme management, and online wallpapers.
  • Ultra power save function.
  • Task killer function.
  • Video player added.
  • Optimized system performance.
  • fixed issues.
  • Support OTA upgrade from 0730

The last point there means users already on the first Lollipop software will receive an OTA update to get this new one. You can download from link as below in Infinix forums or Direct Download. Mind you, the file is almost 800 MB. Nice one Infinix!!

Thanks to @Udcharles for pointing this to us.


  1. Looks like it won’t eat much memory. Ehen, and I also feel there’s some similarities between this UI and Oxygen and those HydrogenOS too. The UI looks clean though.

  2. Hi, sorry the direct download link only leads to a page to download a mega cloud android app with no sign of the file. One is also led to the same page when using the infinix forums link. Any other link one can use?

  3. Hello Ral, inspect the link properly, the download link is in the forum link. As for the Direct download link, you need to have Mega cloud app installed on your Android device to download the file. or you proceed with a PC

  4. If you have a strong network i.e 5MB/S on the average then head to playstore and download the mega app then click direct download but if you know your network ain’t strong or that you might have disturbances that would cause disconnection then I would advise you search for mega downloaders, apps that grab downloads from the mega cloud storage.

    The mega app itself has a terrible download manager that doesn’t support resuming of downloads

  5. plz can i flash d rom manually? i mean my infinix x551 is rooted can i download d rom and flash it manually without pc?

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