The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has announced plans to provide pre-enrollment services on smartphones.

It will soon be possible for you to register for your National ID card on your smartphone

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In a bid to hasten registration process and meet up with the newly set deadline, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has announced plans to provide pre-enrollment services on smartphones. With this in place, users will be able to do the pre-registration on their mobile phones before proceeding to the office to complete the registration.


This was revealed in a statement signed by NIMC General Manager on Corporate Communications, Abdulahamid Umar, it read:

“This development will ensure that citizens can start their enrollment using their smart phones, a development that would ensure that in the next couple of months, citizens, of all ages, would have completed their demographic enrollment before they proceed to NIMC enrollment centers for their biometric data capture to complete their enrollment,”

According to the statement, the step was taken to ease the sign-up process for Nigerians, and will also help to decongest the enrollment centers, efficiently helping people to meet the deadline. We don’t know if this will be made possible through an app, or through a mobile friendly website.

All the same, do you think this is a good move or is it something that would fizzle out with the news?


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  1. Doesn’t really change anything,you’re still going to end up spending the whole day on a queue and having to do the whole thing all over again..Naija!

  2. Will queuing up at a NIMC Centre entail having to repeat the same process again?

    And is this the same networks that couldn’t get the SIM registration right that NIMC will be relying on as part of this process?

    Sounds like it hasn’t been thought through very well and we’ll end up where we started.

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