Remember OsusuMobile? It is live now, so you can save money using your phone

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Many individuals and small business owners run a kind of daily savings. You must have come across them with their bags and small check notes. Have you ever thought of a digital approach to this? Say hello to OsusuMobile. This startup is targeted at helping the unbanked and underbanked save money more conveniently.


How is this achieved? With OsusuMobile, savers can easily make deposits conveniently using only an SMS-enabled mobile phone. Simply open an OsusuMobile account with your phone number, after which you can start saving with an agent nearest to you.

According to the founder, Rodney Jackson-Cole:

OsusuMobile was inspired by the African Ajo practice and with the right level of digitization, it is one to help solve the issue of financial inclusion, making financial services more affordable and accessible.

OsusuMobile is currently on a campaign to recruit agents. Mind you, as an agent, you stand to earn commissions each time a saver makes a deposit. There are also earnings accrued from referring someone to be an agent. For more info, see the Osusu official website HERE.

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