Review: fMobi – best Facebook client for Symbian^3?

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The Facebook experience on Symbian^3 devices has been less than exciting for me. Believe me, I have tried almost every available Facebook app, including:

  1. Social (built-in)
  2. Gravity – while excellent for Twitter, just sucks for facebook
  3. FB Browser
  4. Fb Touch
  5. FriendChat, and
  6. Kasvopus

The above all work but with lots of limitations on various fronts. fMobi, on the other hand, ticks almost every box on Facebook, including:

  • Sharing of status
  • Profile viewing
  • Chat
  • News Feed
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Notifications
  • Friends
  • Messages
  • Places




There’s also audio notifications, and fMobi gives you the option of two themes – one light and the other dark. There’s also the ability to set an automatic update/refresh cycle.


One of the things you will observe first with fMobi is the fact that it has been themed after Symian Anna, whether you use the light theme or the dark alternative, both utilise Anna-style icons.


During a chat, when the person at the other end is typing, there is an animated pen under the name of your conversant to indicate when he/she is typing. This is something that I have always loved in IM apps.

fMobi delivers the most complete Facebook experience that I have experienced on the Symbian platform. It comes highly recommended.

The app is currently in 1.1.2 beta. Visit the developer’s page to download fMobi.


  1. Wow. I have basically stayed with using facebook via Opera Mini after having tried Social, Socially, Gravity, and Kasvopus.

    I’m giving this fMobi a try right now. Thanks, oga Yomi.

    PS. Obviously, you got home safely yesterday after all those bus rides [*twitter exposee*]. I hope your joints and muscles have stopped aching. 😉

  2. Seen it a couple of times bt didnt see the need to try it…..Just finished installing it and its pretty cool….

  3. WOW !!!

    Thanks a lot for informing us of this great app. I had a great time with it yesterday. It’s the first time I was able to facebook chat comfortably and happily on my N8.

  4. This app is so cool that I have downloaded and saved it, even though i dont have a Symbian3 phone.

    The list of fxns is excellent.

  5. Does this facebook app allow you to specify that you want the news feed to only display status updates?
    I have found that many apps don’t let you choose what type of updates are displayed on your facebook main page (i know you can adjust this within facebook but these changes don’t seem to be remembered when logging into an app).
    I just want to display status updates from friends, not for example, X friend did X in a game or whatever

  6. {
    This app is so cool that I have downloadedand saved it, even though i dont have a Symbian3 phone.
    Ditto. I have been gradually gathering s^3 apps too.
    Most s^1 apps are said to work on s^3 too – but lots of the more modern (qt_fied) s^3 apps do not…

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