I had been pining for an official IM app (especially because of Yahoo Messenger) for my Nokia N8 and E7. Before now, I have had

Review: IM for Nokia (Symbian^3)

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I had been pining for an official IM app (especially because of Yahoo Messenger) for my Nokia N8 and E7. Before now, I have had to settle for Fring, which gets the job done really but has its own quirks. I had also given IM+ a try but had a less than satisfacctory experience.

As you can imagine, I was extremely pleased with the announcement of IM for Nokia, an official IM app for Symbian^3 devices.

I have been using it on my E7 for over a month now, and here present my review.

IM for Nokia comes with a Desktop Widget, which displays the status of your account (offline, available, etc), the number of open chats; & new chat messages. It also lets you sign in and sign out directly from the desktop with just two taps and without having to launch the app itself. That is top marks for usability.


IM for Nokia also displays a new message icon in desktop task bar, as well as a pop-up notification when you return to the desktop. This is similar to the notification system for SMS on the device.

The app proper can also be launched directly from the desktop widget. The first time it is launched, I was presented with a menu to select the services I want to use. Supported services are:

  1. Google Talk
  2. Windows Live Messenger
  3. Myspace IM
  4. Ovi Chat
  5. Yahoo Messenger

I selected Yahoo Messenger and was prompted to login. The option to sign in as invisible is there, as are the options to have the app remember your login details and sign you in automatically.


After entering my login details, an animated “signing in” interface shows up before contacts are loaded. While signing you in, the app presents quick tips for your benefit. Signing in is a breeze.


Tap and hold a discusssion in list view for options to save and/or end chats

The Settings menu gives you the options to set audio notification, to receive update notifications, and to display avatars.


During a chat session, you can –

  • insert emoticons
  • insert pre-defined messages
  • save the conversation


In all, IM for Nokia is a great little app that has fulfilled my longing for an instant messaging app from Nokia themselves. Yes; it lacks file transfer, a feature that exists on several other 3rd party solutions. There is also no feature to buzz a contact. However, the overall simplicity and ease of use makes this a winner in my books.

The app is very stable and gets the job done.

This is the only IM app I use now on my Nokia E7. It is that good. I expect updates will come from Nokia to add these missing features and perhaps Facebook chat too. Then, it would become the perfect app.

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  1. how can they miss out facebook? that is unacceptable. well, I enjoy the yahoo messenger app for android. it also allows me to chat with my facebook contacts too. I can send files, take pics and send straight away, and the best part, make video calls to other yahoo messenger contacts ( on 3g).

  2. At least its working… I’ve never seem an IM client work on a symbian phone before. Everyone I know has a 3rd-party app for that, If its going to be used Facebook better be included in that program… but of cos its going to come in an update 😀

  3. (** Was not able to post this comment using the mobile version of mobilitynigeria.. Had to switch to your desktop version. **)

    There are so many IM programs it is confusing which one to choose.

    So far Nimbuzz seems the most comprehensive. Am sticking with It until something better shows up.

    Comprehensiveness apart, I like the way my chat message pops up on the the screen like a text message.

    The latest version 3.10 for Symbian is so much improved over previous versions and the data compression (very important} ss so much better too. See http://goo.gl/taehs

  4. @ belushi, are u serious about making video calls on ur android yahoo messenger client? Wonderful…
    So much for nokia patronage… Isn’t it wierd there’s no symbian yahoo messenger client? The irony of it is yahoo & nokia are partners…. I can’t say more My next phone is going to be an android or might just cup a windows phone. Tired of this symbian ish, all symbian/nokia does now is try to play catch up… The symbian IM app is data hungry , I’l go for slick chat client anytime I have to use yahoo chat asides that, “whatsapp” is the best thing since pepperish asun.. Lol

  5. Telneting >> “whatsapp” is the best thing since pepperish asun.. Lol

    What about nimbuzz o?

    Well, I am back to using the two.

    There are many things Nimbuzz does NOW that whatsapp can only dream of. Plus it is free (whatsapp will – in less than a year – be NOT free..

    As to ubiquity, there is nimbuzz for blackberry, symbian, IPhone,, android AND PC…

  6. @Eyebeekay

    “There are many things Nimbuzz does NOW that whatsapp can only dream of.”

    Please forgive my ignorance, what are things Nimbuzz does that can make Whatsapp jealous ? I know I have Nimbuzz somewhere among the 200 apps I got on my phone but I guess it didnt win my heart when I tried it.

  7. Ooo yeah, I do make video calls from my sgs to my brothers own. Also call other friends that use yahoo messenger on their laptops.

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