RIM recently released the new version of Twitter for BlackBerry. This version has a lot of improvements and new features compared to the previous ones.

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RIM recently released the new version of Twitter for BlackBerry. This version has a lot of improvements and new features compared to the previous ones. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this update and which features are still missing.


  1. BBM connectivity. This option allows you to post your tweets as your BBM status.
  2. “Twitter” photo upload service is added alongside “yFrog” and “TwitPic”. This was a much needed feature as photos posted via Twitter loads faster than photos which were uploaded using yFrog/TwitPic photo service.
  3. The URL is shortened automatically. You can just copy and paste the entire long URL of the site you want to share on Twitter and this app will post it with the URL shortened.
  4. Elegant timeline design. The tweets are more convenient to read.
  5. In the previous versions, the timeline used to show how long ago a particular tweet was posted. For example: 35m, 3hours. But if we selected a particular tweet and viewed the details we couldn’t see exactly when the tweet was posted. The only thing we’re able to see is 5 hours ago or something like that. But in this version the exact time is shown when a tweet is selected.
  6. Improved notification for messages and mentions.

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This version features improvements to the previous version without messing up any existing strengths. However, there are a few important features that need to be introduced in this Twitter app. They are:

  1. Connect, Discover and Activity Tab.
  2. “Copy link to tweet” option. This function is really helpful when you want to embed a tweet or refer to an old tweet.
  3. Once the timeline is refreshed, this app views the last tweet posted. So you have to manually scroll down and find the last read tweet. The app should point to the last read tweet even after the timeline gets refreshed (like the Twitter for iPhone app)
  4. When viewing a single tweet from a timeline, the app should show the total number of tweets in the timeline. For example: 23 out of 100. This gives you clear idea about how many tweets you missed while you were asleep or how many tweets were posted yesterday by the people you follow. This feature is now removed from Twitter for iPhone. It’s a very simple feature with a huge significance.
  5. Top tweets. Even though Twitter has introduced “Discover” tab. It consists of top news around the world and the link to an article featuring the news. But this is not an alternative to the Top Tweets feature which shows 15 top tweets at any particular moment depending on the number of ReTweets. This Top Tweet feature lets you know the latest score of a soccer match, which Discover Tab doesn’t. Top Tweets should exist alongside Top Stories.
  6. Instagram integration. Twitter for BlackBerry now views photos uploaded via yFrog, twitpic, lockerz and native twitter photo service. But in order to view photos uploaded via Instagram by the people you follow you have to view it in native BlackBerry browser. It’s kind of a distraction and its time consuming. Therefore, this app can integrate Instagram service in the timeline as well, as more and more users use Instagram to upload photos nowadays.

If the next update features all of the missing items that I mentioned above, then Twitter for Blackberry can be a top Twitter app without a doubt.

Download Twitter for BlackBerry v3.0.0.20.


  1. My main beef with twitter for blackberry is that it doesn’t have the function to auto add RT to retweets neither does it have the ability to open links in opera mini.

    I quit on facebook and twitter for blackberry when I discovered socialscope.

  2. I’ve also noticed that when you connect the twitter app to your bbm and attempt to post a tweet, its either you post it both to your timeline and bbm personal message or cancel it at all. This is a very silly flaw indeed. Because there are some tweets that you may not want to be posted to your bbm yet you want it on your timeline. I hope they will notice and fix it as soon as possible. Keep on doing the good job @Mister_Mobility.

  3. @Udegbunam: ya i agree that it doesnt add RT before a tweet when u quote someone. but if u have opera mini installed in ur BB, then u can select a link in twitter app and there’s a option to open the link using opera mini.

  4. Nice app, but i think Ubersocial is much better, maybe its just me… Atleast it offers much more customisation options including posting tweets to Facebook and gtalk apart from bbm, among others

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