Review: X-mini v1.1 Capsule external speaker

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Audio playback has long been a key pasttime among many mobile phone users. However, sound reproduction has not always been up to par on many mobile phones.

Some manufacturers have a fairly good track record with audio playback, but even at that it doesn’t measure up with the quality of sound that users have become used to. Even if you tot an iPhone 4 or a Nokia N8 – two of the very best in audio reproduction – a good external speaker means an even more enjoyable musical experience.

Enter Portable Loudspeakers

This is where portable loudspeakers come in. I got myself the X-mini speaker late last year after enjoying a demo from a salesperson.


I was immediately impressed with both the loudness and bass levels (something seriously lacking on the majority of mobile phones).

I am not an expert on audio reproduction and the like, but I do enjoy listening to music on my phone, and my X-mini speaker has simply made it more enjoyable.

The X-mini has a mini-USB cable slot with a supplied 3.5mm audio jack cable, so your phone needs a port for that. The cable also has a USB jack for charging from a PC. If you have a mini-USB charger too, that works for charging.

Mini-USB cable slot with extended 3.5mm audio jack cable
Another 3.5mm jack underneath - for times when you need to charge and play at the same time?


The X-mini v1.1 Capsule Speaker delivers rich audio and I have enjoyed having it very much. One of the key features I look for when purchasing a phone is 3.5mm audio slot. It is an essential for me, as I love my music and enjoy dancing tremendously.

I not only use it with my phone, but also my netbook whose audio reproduction leaves much to be desired.

Depending on whether you want a single unit or a dual unit, prices range between N6,000 and N15,000, also depending on where you look.

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