RIP: Cyanogen OS is down and out

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In July 2016, we reported that Cyanogen may be on its way out after it laid off a fifth of its staff. The sad news is that it has happened. The OS that gave itself the goal of taking Android OS away from Google is down and out of the race. Cyanogen is dead. And Android is still firmly in the hands of Google.

Cyanogen founder, Steve Kondik, has moved on from the organisation. The company itself, Cyanogen Inc (Cyngn), is moving forward with a project they call Lineage OS aka Lineage Android Distribution. It has been alluded to in the past that Lineage OS would be just a renaming of Cyanogen OS. That may not be the case, as Cyanogen Inc has said they are shutting down Cyanogen services.

RIP Cyanogen

Effective December 31st, 2016, all services will be shutdown and development on nightly builds ended. Developers interested in continuing to work on the platform will have access to the source code.

In 2015, Cyanogen ditched Google apps for Microsoft apps. It was that same year that the Cyanogen CEO said that Samsung would go the way of Nokia within 5 years. A little over a year after that statement was made, Cyanogen OS itself is no more.

2016 has been a significant one in the bloodbath of mobile operating systems. Others that have gone ended up in the platform graveyard or are on life support include Firefox OS and BlackBerry 10 OS. Sailfish OS narrowly missed the death knell when Russia adopted it as their official mobile OS. What a year.


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