Robot taxis will hit Japanese roads in 2016

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Self-driving cars are everyone’s dreams. Well, maybe not everyone. But we are all fascinated by the concept. While everyone else is still running limited tests here and there, the Japanese – who have always been ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to mobile technology – have decided to literally let the rubber meet the road next year.

In 2016, a robot taxi service will hit the road in Japan.

Robot Taxi

Here are a few details of the unmanned taxi service:

The service will be offered for approximately 50 people in Kanagawa prefecture, just south of Tokyo, with the auto-driving car carrying them from their homes to local grocery stores.

According to the project organizers, the cabs will drive a distance of about three kilometers (two miles), and part of the course will be on major avenues in the city. Crew members will be aboard the car during the experiment in case there is a need to avoid accidents.

This sounds all exciting and we will keep our eyes on this experiment. But one thing is sure: when the Japanese start playing, things happen. Commercial self-driving cars will happen a lot faster.



  1. hmmm,
    I’m just imagining how long it will take for us to catch up (here in Africa) Technology is rapidly evolving and is not waiting for any idle generation.

  2. I watched the downside of this on an episode of Extant – for now I’ll stick with a human driver.

  3. Can we like believe in machines for once.. Well until sky net n judgement day edge of cliff scenario

  4. You read my mind.

    The new terrorists wont be blowing things up n all…just hack a very valuable technology like this and start making demands.

    For now…and prolly next decade, im also stuck with the driver that can be reasoned with.

  5. the Japanese have always been ahead of the field in robotics & AI, not surprised by this latest move. as per security threats to a self driving car, any connected car is vulnerable to hacking, doesn’t need to be a self driving car

  6. Guess the future will have to start somewhere,like any new technology it will get its teething problems but the wheel of progress will keep on churning..

  7. LOL, this reminds me of a scene in Transformers 1 when Sam had just met Optimus Prime. He said… He must be Japanese.

    Well, while any car connected can be hacked, I want to believe a fully robotic driver would be more dangerous. Just imagine ”I,Robot”. I hope y’all have seen the movie 🙂 everything seemed fine till the chaos started.

  8. Even Professor Stephen Hawkings is worried we are relying too much on robots, as if they’re not prone to error.

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