OPPO is one of the Chinese brands that Samsung is throwing the Galaxy A series at. Which is why this Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison review makes interesting read. Two upper mid-range champs go against one another, and only one must walk out of the ring.

Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison: mid-range champs rumble!

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OPPO is one of the Chinese brands that Samsung is throwing the Galaxy A series at. Which is why this Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison review makes interesting read. Two upper mid-range champs go against one another, and only one must walk out of the ring.

Both Samsung and OPPO are big boys in the smartphone market. They are both in the top 5 brands bracket – the exclusive league. They have been slugging it out for years and OPPO has not hidden the fact that its goal is to overtake Samsung. And they have been closing in for years now. But Samsung is fighting back, and the Galaxy A70 is a strong gladiator in the ring.

In this Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison review, we pitch the two mid-range smartphones champions against one another to see which one offers more and which is right for you.

In terms of software, the Galaxy A70 offers you Samsung’s custom UI, One UI v1, based on Android 9, while OPPO F11 Pro runs ColorOS v6, also based on Android 9 Pie. Which you prefer is a question of your taste.

But beyond the different software experiences, both phones are quite similar in terms of specs and features, and of course, price.

Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro: Introductions and Similarities

OPP F11 Pro has a few variants, but for the purpose of this comparison, we are using the 128 GB storage variant, which is what matches the Galaxy A70. Of course, both smartphones are also in the same price bracket – below 120,000 ($350).

Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison review
Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison review: who edges who out?

While the A70 has a waterdrop notch at the top of its displays, OPPO steps into the ring with a completely undisturbed display, hiding its selfie camera away in a pop-up camera.

Both phones have fingerprint reader, but Samsung has the A70’s built into the display. Cutting edge, yes; but you might want to calm down before jumping at it. Both of them also have fast charging support of different standards.

Interesting similarities, so far. But in what ways do they differ, as the differences will be the deciding factor for users? Let us draw up our comparison table and see.

Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro: Quick Specs Comparison

We juxtapose the 6GB/128GB models of both smartphones side-by-side for more clarity.

Samsung Galaxy A70 OPPO F11 Pro
6.7 inches, 1080p, Super AMOLED waterdrop display. 6.53 inches, 1080p, IPS LCD notchless display.
In-display fingerprint Rear-mounted fingerprint
Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 (11 nm), 2.0 GHz Mediatek Helio P70 (12 nm), 2.1 GHz
32MP selfie camera 16MP elevating selfie camera
32MP + 8MP + 5MP rear triple camera, LED flash 48MP + 5MP rear dual camera with LED flash
128 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD, up to 1 TB 128 GB internal storage + shared microSD slot, up to 256 GB
4500 mAh battery + 25W fast charging 4000 mAh battery + 20W fast charging
₦118,000.00 ($330) ₦119,000 ($335)

On paper, Samsung Galaxy A70’s selfie and main cameras outgun OPPO F11 Pro’s shooters. In reality, that isn’t hard to believe, though they tend to have pros and cons on both sides. The Galaxy A70 has a triple rear camera, while the F11 Pro has a rear dual camera.

As we do not have a shootout to compare, we shall leave photography here in no man’s land. It can go either way, to be honest.

Where Samsung Galaxy A70 has the edge

Samsung Galaxy A70 with Infinity-U notch

The Galaxy A70 has a decisive edge in terms of display type (AMOLED), battery size (4500mAh), external storage (1TB), and fast charging (25W).

In terms of display size, it depends on your preference. if you are a big screen person, the Galaxy A70 wins this for you. If you are not, you will gravitate towards the smaller display of the OPPO.

And speaking of external storage, besides the massive 1TB size support, the memory card slot in the Samsung Galaxy A70 is dedicated. Another win for Samsung..

Where OPPO F11 Pro has the edge

Oppo F11 Pro specs and price in Nigeria

The OPPO’s key edge is the fingerprint sensor. Samsung has kept using the 1st generation sensor that has been reported as being finiicky and not so reliable. The standard rear-mounted fingerprint sensor of the OPPO F11 Pro is a much more practical deal.

Pop-up selfie cameras are cool these days, and so the OPPO F11 has a cool factor that the Samsung does not have. No notch of the display to annoy or irritate you at random.

And that brings us to the display. Having an edge-to-edge display that is unisturbed by a notch or hole is sweet and cool. That might sway things for some users.

Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro: Who wins?

In terms of performance, both phones are comparatively matched, though the A70 has an edge. The Snapdragon 675 processor and its GPU edges out the Helio P70 in terms of performance.

The Galaxy A70 is also a battery efficient processor. In other words, the Galaxy A70 is the more powerful of the two devices, and also has better battery life. Not to mention that its 4500mAh battery is significantly beefier than the F11 Pro’s 400mAh unit. And the Samsung charges faster too, thanks to its 25E fast charging standard.

Both run apps smoothly thanks to the generous 6GB of RAM they both share.

And when it comes to price, there is little difference between the two phones now, If you are rich enough to want to buy a smartphone in this price range, a difference of N1,000 is the least of your worries. So, let’s forget about price here.

What of cool factor? OPPO F11 Pro nails the cool factor hands down. That motorized elevating selfie camera is a delight to use and to see, and a seamless display is a rare gem these days.

At the end of the day, the call is yours. Where do you stand? Having read through this Samsung Galaxy A70 vs OPPO F11 Pro comparison, which of the two would you pick?

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  1. For me, Samsung is the winner in all aspects, especially on the battery capacity plus fast charging 25W, the 1T memory slot expandable and the Snapdragon 675, compared to Mediatek Helio P70. I also heard that any phone with pop-up selfie camera don’t support face unlock.

  2. Samsung A70 wins it for me. As much as I’d have preferred notchless display, what’s not to love about a beefier battery plus faster charging, 1tb dedicated expandable storage and a better processor?

  3. The Samsung takes the Ayes. I’m surprised this is even a question. What with the dedicated slot for external memory and a bigger battery?! ….and by the way, its a Samsung!

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