Samsung Galaxy Note II First Impressions

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Samsung Galaxy Note II with stylus out

I had been busy polishing off my review of the Nokia Lumia 920 and so was unable to put up a first impressions post for the Galaxy Note. But I am done with that now and I am free to proceed.

The Note II is a beautiful device, and a big one too, for something that serves also as a phone. I am yet to get over the size, especially when a telephone call comes in or I have to place one. Take a look at the Galaxy Note II beside the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 610:

Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 610
L-R: Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 610

I remember the first time I held Emmanuel Olalere’s original Galaxy Note. Boy, that thing felt huge, and the Note II still feels the same to me now. I noticed that after holding it in my hand for a while, picking up any other smartphone felt like I was picking up something really small. I hope that the feeling does not last, as it wouldn’t be funny when I have to return this unit when done with my evaluation.

One thing is for sure, that large beautiful display is a plus for reading, browsing and watching movies, and I have done a bit of those already on the Note II.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

I also love that the onscreen keyboard has a dedicated 5th row of numeric keys, similar to what obtains on PCs and on the now extinct Communicators of the Symbian age. This and other little touches like that mean that the Note II pushes the boundary further in terms of approaching full computing capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

I really haven’t had the time to really get down with the Note II, but now that I can give it my attention, you will be reading my thoughts about this bold move towards full PC computing on a pocketable mobile.

As is our practice, feel free to put your questions down in the comments section, so I can consider them in writing my features and reviews. Fellow mobilistas, the Samsung Galaxy Note II.


  1. I upgraded to the Gn2 from the Gn1 say about 14 days ago and it’s the bomb. I can’t just put it down. When you get round to playing with the stylus its awesome. Once u handle this Gn devices every other phone will look too small. Take a spin on the gallery you will love it. If you watch videos on it the S pen will make it easy to get where u need to be just by hovering it. At times when I am taking a call and I need to note down a number, pulling out the S pen allows me to write on the screen without hassle. For me it’s a ten. I like to see yr review Mr Mo, and I am sure u will come up with extra tips for us. Best feature for me is d S pen.

  2. I’m looking forward to picking up this device soon. I want to know about the audio quality during call.

  3. Color me dumb but having the S pen, isn’t it equivalent to using ’em N1,000 stylus pens on a tab or any other device, what makes it so special on the GN2??

  4. @zsch,just go on YouTube and see the amazing things you can do with the s pen. It’s not just a stylus here on the Note 2.

  5. I’ve sent money to a friend to buy dis phablet SG Note N7100 for me. I hope i’ll enjoy reading pdf textbooks on it and also use it to create ms word,excel and powerpoint

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