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I just recently got the Samsung Galaxy Note. I will be writing a review of it soon, but in the meantime I have some pictures for you to feast your eyes on.

Galaxy Note Sales Box

Galaxy Note Sales Box Open

Galaxy Note booting

And just so you know, I composed this post on the Galaxy Note.


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  1. Thats one great device you have there and the white is a sure eye breaker. Love the screen and bat life

  2. Congrat bro. but this is one big gadget, I can imagine how I’????? gonna hold I??i????? w?†?? ?? small hand

  3. Congratulations! I never liked android but i dont know why i like Galaxy note.May be it is bcos it is a tablet&phone just like my N900.Anyway looking forward for ur sweet review.

  4. I am considering buying this phone. I have read a lot of great reviews but will look forward to yours. The price of this phone in our place have dropped buy about 30% since last year.

  5. @Emmanuel Olalere,

    What OS version did your Note come with? And is it upgradable to V. 4 in Nigeria yet?

    Just got one and it comes out of box with V. 2.3.5. If you have upgraded, how did u do it. OTA or via KIES?

  6. @Emmanuel Olalere,

    Yours came with a version higher than mine. I just upgraded OTA to V.2.3.6. About 72.5Mb update.

    I hope they will come up soon with ICS cos this is their flagship for now.

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