Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Android Oreo review

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was the classiest piece of hardware that we had with us in 2017. And it still is. This week, our unit got the Android 8 Oreo update and we thought it was time to play with it again. So, here is our Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Android Oreo review.

Once you have set your eyes on the Galaxy S8 Plus and held it in your hands, it is next to impossible not to get addicted to it. The hardware is sleek and smooth and the software largely matches that. That 6.2-inch display is gorgeous and the camera takes amazingly clear photographs.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Android Oreo Review

It was a long time coming, but the Android 8 Oreo update eventually arrived for the Galaxy S8 Plus. The update is Android 8.0.0, which is a bummer. Version 8.1 would have been nice, considering how late this update is. And the security patch level is for April 2018.

Besides the standard Oreo features, what new features did this Galaxy S8 Plus Android Oreo update add to this already excellent device?

  1. the S8 Plus got picture-in-picture – which allows you to see 2 apps at once,
  2. auto-fill,
  3. notification dots on app icons
  4. Background Limits – which limits the background activity of apps that you rarely use, and so improves performance of the phone),
  5. Dual Messenger – enables you to run two social media and messaging accounts on the galaxy S8 Plus, and
  6. new emojis.

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Any Visual Changes in Galaxy S8 Plus Android Oreo?

There aren’t any significant visual differences in the software. Samsung Experience UI 9.0 looks pretty much the same as it did before. I haven’t noticed any serious changes. Not that I have had the time to look around much.

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  1. This is good news to all Galaxy S8 Plus users, but how come the update came so late? I expected a big money phone like this to be the first to receive the update before any other devices out there. The reason for the update delay is what i don’t understand.

  2. Surprisingly most of the features are in my xiaomi, tho on nougat… So so plus didn’t have these features before? Sad

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