The Omnia is a phone that is good to look at. The guys over at Samsung responsible for the design of the phone certainlydid a

Samsung i900 “Omnia” Review

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omniaThe Omnia is a phone that is good to look at. The guys over at Samsung responsible for the design of the phone certainlydid a good job. The combination of silver and black makes the outer casing of the device look appealing. My guess is that a lot of ladies will especially be drawn to the Omnia because of its design. No doubt, a number of guys will also find themselves attracted to this phone.

But once you move away from the design and outer part of the phone, and into what’s under the hood, the story is totally different. The Omnia is one of the most unusable phones I have used in all my years of using phones.

First off, because it’s a windows mobile based device, the average user will find it really daunting finding their way around. I’ve had situations where someone asked to see my phone. Upon giving it to them, all they did was stare at the screen. They had no clue as to what to do next or what button to press. They just couldn’t find their way around.

Secondly, text input is not helped by the fact that the phone is a full touch screen device. There are no physical keypad/keyboard for typing text. You will have to use the on-screen keyboard/keypad for any form of text typing. An attempt to use my fingers for typing resulted in abysmal failure. I completely depended on the stylus for typing text, and believe me when I say that it was not a funny experience either.

Another thing I found really annoying in the Omnia was the auto screen rotation feature. It was so flaky that I had to turn it off completely.

Now for some bit of good news in the software department. If you are looking for a phone that takes good photos and records very good videos, then look no further. The Omnia takes stunning photos with its 5 megapixel auto-focus camera. There’s also a very capable LED flash that helps with taking pictures in poorly lit environments.

I must say here that I have nothing against either Samsung or windows mobile. I believe there are good Samsung and windows mobile devices out there, but in my humble opinion, the Omnia is an example of a not well implemented smartphone.

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  1. Reading this review again brings to memory one of the major problems of the Samsung Omnia that I omitted. Honestly, this is obviously an oversight.

    The Omnia (the unit I reviewed) has a whooping 8GB of memory built-in. The problem first surfaced when I attempted to load more files onto the memory of the phone. I got a “not enough memory” error. I thought, “but I’ve not put enough stuff on this phone to fill up the 8GB memory.”

    Well, my attempt to resolve the issue did not yield any fruit. One of the things I did was to format the memory of the phone and I did that severally.

    The issue led me to go online to see if this was a common problem or just a fault with my own unit. Thankfully, I discovered it was a general problem. The problem was caused by Samsung’s own Media player called “Touch player”, included as an alternative to the standard Windows Media player found on Windows Mobile powered devices. Using the touch player mysteriously fills the 8GB built-in memory.

    The solution; format the memory, reload your files and don’t ever again use the touch player. Instead use the standard Windows Media player. I did exactly that and never got the not enough memory error again.

    Problem solved.

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