In my opinion, Samsung has a made a killing for the past 2 years with the Galaxy range of smartphones, but are they trying to

Samsung's Galaxy Gear

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galaxy gearIn my opinion, Samsung has a made a killing for the past 2 years with the Galaxy range of smartphones, but are they trying to overexert themselves with the smart watches? Is it possible for the smartphone to be replaced? I think not, but it seems Samsung has a different opinion. They are thinking smart wristwatches. What is the basis of this thought? Despite all these ramblings, it has been decided. Samsung is set to launch Galaxy Gear, a wannabe smartphone and how exactly is it going to work?


The image in my mind right now is that of a smartphone strapped to my body. I think it is safe to assume this was the thought Samsung had when it decided to venture into this limited market. The Galaxy Gear comes with a touchscreen of 320 x 320 pixels, speakers and mics for recording and playing back video content and communicating with callers via a built in dialer. Now, that is a thought. I would either have to use an earpiece, hold the watch to my ears or have my arm parallel with my face to take calls That would be a funny sight; don’t you think? I doubt there is room for a SIM card, so the calls might strictly be internet calls. Correct me if I am wrong.

I also found out that the 1.9-megapixel camera was built more for convenience than for image quality. I don’t exactly know how it will be possible to take pictures with a device that is strapped to your wrist. Let’s not forget about the downside to smartphones – battery life. How often would I need to charge the wrist watch and will it still be able to do the primary job of telling time, or will it be consumed with other duties? With constant use, there is the possibility of the smart watch being strapped to a charger more than to the wrist of its user. Its 4GB built in memory can allow the user house a maximum of 10 third party apps. That simple means downloading apps according to priority.


I am placing all bets that it is a device that is likely to be forgotten at home more often than not, because it requires just as much effort as the smartphone does, but the benefits are way less. With that said it would be a cool device to have basically for show, or as a backup plan for when the smartphone acts up. But wait! That is what dumb phones are there for. From all indications I cannot categorically find the need for smart watches, but you may be able to. When you do, please let me know.


And that will be all for now. For more information on the Galaxy Gear, you can check out Engadget’s Review. For now you are only allowed to ask me questions based on my opinion. I am waiting.

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  2. The pictures it takes are of high quality. The battery lasts for 25hours. Pls just watch the youtube video about the galaxy gear before your judge it. Or is your love for blackberry blinding you?

  3. // From all indications I cannot
    categorically find the need for
    smart watches//

    when tablets (and, later, phablets) were first introduced, some (including me) thought they were superfluous toys for people with more money time throw about.

    today, this notion has been disproved very comprehensively.

    with the zest companies are going into smartwatches, perhaps the idea is just to make ordinary wristwatches smart.

    people already use wristwatches, anyway. exotic ones too.

    If the prices fall appreciably, the Swiss may just need to up their game too.

    i haven’t used a wrist watch in years. making it smart, with right prices , may just make a convert of some of us minimalists

  4. I am quite sure it will last as long as the battery of your phone does, i mean people dont change the batteries of their s3 s4 or note 2 till at least 3years. Am sure as a lady like wont even want to use a phone that long cause of latest trends. Normally people are suppose to change their phones every year but we know its difficult in nigeria because of lack of contract phones by opperators. The smart gear is also only meant for the phones i listed above so i guess thats a disadvantage in some way. I will definately love to get it cause i will hate to pull out a note 3 just to check texts .

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