Say Hello to Nokia Pure, Goodbye to Nokia Sans

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Apparently, part of the new user interface that Nokia has in store for their Symbian range (and other phones) is a new, minimalist font that they plan to spice things up even more.

According to the director of brand and marketing for Studio Nokia:

“Nokia Pure is a celebration of our Finnish design heritage. We wanted to give it a natural, flowing form, while creating something that is highly functional and neutral. Nokia Pure has a clarity of purpose and as little design as possible. It’s made to celebrate human creativity.”

Lots of work must have gone into creating this font, as it has to support the scores of languages (and their unique characters) that Nokia phones support across hundreds of countries around the world. No mean feat.

Nokia Pure is being developed by Dalton Maag, a London typography and design house. It looks like it will soon be time to wave the Nokia Sans (used by default on current Nokia phones) goodbye.

Seeing that the promised PR2.0 update for Symbian3 smartphones has been delayed significantly, it will be refreshing to see the new font shipping with the update when eventually it is released.


  1. Well, there is Psiloc, a company that produces Psiloc Font Manager (

    This application allows you to change your Symbian device font (plus size) at will. Maybe Nokia should have licensed a technology like that and made it an integral part of the OS….

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