Say Hello to Smart Padlocks, No key. No problem

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FUZ Designs, a start-up, made up of gadget developers, have come up with something unique, a smart padlock. In a world where we have smart phones, smart watches and other smart stuff, inventing a smart padlock isn’t a bad idea at all. This one is called Noke [no:kei].

Noke works through the use of Bluetooth. It pairs with any number of phones, and can only be unlocked when there’s a verified device close to it. The smart padlock has a companion app, compatible with Android or iOS, and within this app, you store a “key”. The owner of the virtual “key” will then choose whether other devices can have one time access, temporary access, or all-time access.


To unlock Noke, you simply press the shackle once. It then starts looking for previously paired Bluetooth devices. Once it finds one, it unlocks, simple as that. If your phone’s battery is down, or if your phone isn’t with you, hope is not lost – you can still unlock Noke with a custom emergency code – you input it by pressing the shackle in a predetermined combination (This combination involves dots and dashes so its best to pick what you’ll recall easily).

The guys behind Noke are running a Kickstarter campaign with a $100,000 goal. Anyone who pledges $59, will get it around February 2015, that is provided the campaign is successful. FUZ Designs says that $449 will get you a 10-pack, at $441 off the retail price. That’s a good deal, for those that would like to do business.

How una see am? If it finds its way down here will you get one for yourself? Who knows maybe the next smart padlock will come with face-recognition software.

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  1. Sounds Interesting. There Are Advantages, Sure. The Cool Factor. But, The Way This Looks.. Is It The Method By Which A Padlock Is Unlocked That Is Important, Or The Strength Of The Lock Itself?

    If I Put A Gun To Our Head, Or. Blow Out Your Lock With Sticks Of Dynamite, What Does It Matter Whether You Use A Key To (Un) Lock?

    It Will Definitely Not Be Your LOCKy Day.

    Realistically, I Probably Won’t Go For This Lock, At Least Not As A First Adopter.

    What If Someone Figures Out A Way To Unlock This Uber Geeky Locks… (Not That Conventional Locks Are Not Subject To That Too…)

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