Here’s an even better way to use Facebook on your BlackBerry 10

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It is no longer news that Facebook will end support for Blackberry 10 devices by the end of the year. In fact, the latest update converts the native app to the web browser version of Facebook. Yea, that’s a bad move. We know. Mr. Mo earlier shared an alternative way of doing Facebook on your BlackBerry 10 device. Now, here’s an even better way to do that:

BlackBerry 10-Facebook-lite
                                       Facebook Lite on BlackBerry 10

Simply download Facebook Lite apk HERE.

Why Facebook Lite?

  • The app is lightweight, and fast.
  • The app is free – unlike the Face 10 earlier recommended.

You see, Android apks installed on Blackberry 10 phones lag most times because of the emulation. But Facebook Lite has that advantage of being lightweight, so it works with no lags. The original Facebook app is a battery and RAM sucker on Android phones, talk less of when it is used on a BlackBerry 10. Read more about Facebook Lite HERE



  1. I once install play store on my Z30 and it works fine on that phone and all the applications I needed work fine now that blackberry Is ‘dead’ is it advisable to take an offer of bb passport? I need help……

  2. I’m going to hold on to my BB until I can’t use it anymore.

    And for me, the best way to use Facebook is via the browser. I’ve stopped using the app (save on Android) and my device batteries are much better for it.

  3. I also believe the browser version should be able to do almost all the basic function one requires on mobile. I just hope Facebook will not be regretting this their decision someday

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