See how much data N1,000 will get you on each Nigerian network

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Understanding that Nigeria’s mobile market is price sensitive, we thought it would be nice to present a comparison of what a monthly budget of N1,000 will get you on each of the Nigerian mobile networks in January 2016. Have a look:

  1. MTN: 260MB for 30 days. Dial *106#
  2. Etisalat: 1GB for 30 days. Dial *229*2*7#
  3. Airtel: 1GB for 30 days. Dial *496#
  4. Glo: 1.5GB for 30 days. Dial *127*53#

But we know too that price is not the only consideration. Quality of service and reliability is another factor that might interest you.

Quality & Reliability
In our experience of usage from various locations around the country – north, south, east, and west – we have found that Etisalat and MTN are the most reliable, in that order, while Glo and Airtel have the most epileptic mobile Internet services. This does not change the fact that at different locations, even the generally poor ones perform excellently well.


  1. Haha, MTN is the only network that hasn’t moved with the times. Are they waiting until they get 4G to give us 800MB for N1000?

  2. Glo obviously has the best data plans for the money but needs to tackle their poor network issues,it can be very frustrating..

  3. GLO will take your money give you the data but you can’t use it. ETISALAT is too fast that 1gb will not be enough for a day. AIRTEL apart from not that good network will cheat you with the data. MTN is a bit better but you can’t afford it unless the night package. Seriously I’m tired of all, but will not use any other one other than mtn & etisalat.

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