There are a number of reasons that can make one sell their car. Thus when you want to sell your car in Fort Lauderdale, you

5 Things You Need To Consider Before Selling Your Car To A Direct Buyer

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There are a number of reasons that can make one sell their car. Thus when you want to sell your car in Fort Lauderdale, you have two major ways that you can undertake the exercise. You can either decide to make the sale through a car dealership agent, or you can decide to sell it to a direct buyer. But even though many individuals know that their cars can fetch more than the car dealers can offer, they are simply put off going the direct buyer way because they fear the long and tedious process. But if you are courageous enough and you want to go this way, below we highlight some of the five things that you need to consider before you sell your car to a direct buyer.


The first thing that you should put into consideration is that selling to a direct buyer is likely to fetch you more money as compared to making the sale through a sales agent. You should be alive to the fact that when you sell your car to a direct buyer you will sell it in the current condition that it is in. This ensures that you do not incur any costs as pertaining to refurbishment. This explains why dealers will usually buy your car way below the market price as they will always factor in the costs they will incur in refurbishing it.

Selling your car


When selling your car you should consider time, when we talk about time here we are referring to the level of depreciation. When you are making a sale to the direct buyer, you are likely to take a period of one to two months to complete the whole process. Since the value of your car is likely to decrease during this period, it is important that you carry out some survey, to establish the level of interest that your car will draw in the event that you were to put it on sale. The other way that you can establish this, is by seeking to advise from consignment experts who will give you the required advice. This can be regarded as the best options because these guys have the required expertise and knowledge to guide you through.

Continued Use

The other factor that you should very much consider is what you will be using while your car is put up for sale. But you need not worry much about this if you do not have a spare car to use as when you sell your car to a direct buyer, you can use the car up to the time that you get a buyer and make a sale.

Paper Processing

Since you will be undertaking the sales process all by yourself, you should be ready to deal with the long paperwork process, which can be tedious at times. Thus before you undertake the sales process, you should be absolutely sure that you are ready for the task ahead.

Use a Consignment Agent

You can also decide to use the services of a consignment agent who will help you sell your car to a direct buyer. This is an option that those who are afraid to go it alone can take but still sell their car at a relatively high price.

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  1. Much of the highlighted challenges when selling to a direct buyer is evident in Nigerian car markets as well.

    Dealers buy lower than a direct buyer but using a dealer is fast and swift.

    For a direct buyer transaction time is not your friend.

    May take a while

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