This is the story of a long time iPhone user who was caught in a situation where he needed to replace his iPhone quickly but

Shitphone: From an iPhone to a budget Android phone

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iPhone 5S - BLU Advance 4.0

This is the story of a long time iPhone user who was caught in a situation where he needed to replace his iPhone quickly but was on a budget. So, he got himself a BLU Advance 4.0, an $80-90 Android Jelly Bean smartphone. That’s a 4-inch 800×480 pixel display, 1.3GHz dual-core processor, and 512 MB RAM.

That 512MB RAM set my alarm bells ringing. In my opinion, that is the real Archilles’ Heel of the BLU Advance 4.0. And then, Jelly Bean. Lastly, the quality of the display is suspect to me. One can only imagine what the outcome would be. Here was his report on Day One:

The first day with shitphone was one long sigh of relief. Everything worked, or at least seemed to work. There was no app I needed that I couldn’t download.

But a couple of weeks later, here was the experience:

Things had gradually become slower. They rarely came to a full stop, but they got close. Complicated websites in particular were hard for shitphone. I found myself blaming the websites.


After a day or two of slow accumulation, things would just stop working. Apps crashed and needed to be reopened. I restarted every couple days. I told myself that even the nicest phones required similar adjustments: My iPhone died every 12 hours and didn’t get good reception in my bedroom and interrupted my music every time I walked out of Wi-Fi range. These were facts of iPhone life. I accepted restarting this phone every few days as the same. I became acquainted with Google’s halting error messages. I particularly liked this one: “Unfortunately, Maps has stopped.”

Well, what was he expecting? It is a $90 budget Android smartphone after all, and devices in that price range generally do not have the reputation of great performance. Some of the newer African OEMs like Infinix and Innjoo are pushing the boundaries of good performance near the bottom, but for the most part, the Android experience at the bottom still gets very frustrating.

Go read the full story (it is a long, descriptive one) here: I was an iPhone man once, like you. Then Shitphone changed everything.

Interesting; right? Your thoughts?


  1. If you want a reasonably decent Android phone, you don’t buy one with 512MB RAM. I’d rather pay a bit extra than go for a phone with 512MB. Those phones are for people who barely use apps and mainly want it for calls.

    If only he had read MobilityArena he could have spared himself the pain…having said that, the article is hilarious. I’m trying not to keep making funny trying-not-to-laugh noises on public transport 😀

  2. Obviously, another buyer that didn’t bother with “expert” opinions (either reading reviews or asking people) before purchasing a device. 512mb RAM on a droid?!!! Why would anyone still want to buy that?

  3. lol, I amused when people compare the UX of a budget Android phone with an iPhone. for the $600+ he’d be spending on an iPhone he’d get similar performance on an Android flagship. since it was an emergency replacement, he should have gone with a Windows Phone device, assuming he was stateside he could have gotten any 500x Lumia for that price. app gap might be an issue but he’d not have the performance problems

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