You run into funny stories every now and then. I have a very short one for you today from @tobinscoswag : It has been

Short Story: How much is your phone?

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You run into funny stories every now and then. I have a very short one for you today from @tobinscoswag : It has been edited for clarity:

Dad saw my phone now and asked how much it cost me. I lied that it was N30,000 and now he said he will give me N30,000 to get one for him. Where do I start from now? 🙁

I hit the floor laughing when I read that. The phone probably cost N60,000 and he would have been skinned alive by his dad for spending that much on a phone. Now, he has to produce a N60,000 phone with just N30,000 in hand. So, what do you recommend to the brother as a way out of the situation?

PS: Have you ever told a similar fib about the price of your phone?


  1. I had the same issue, bought a Nokia N95 and my uncle asked how much it is was and i told him i bought it for 25,000 and he told me that i got it for a bargain and would require me to buy it for some his workers. I thought he was joking until the next morning when he wrote a cheque for about 13 or so those phones. Lucky for me i told him that it was a china pone (took some quick thinking). And that got me off the hook, back then the phone cost 90,000, which i had to save to buy (back then i was even saving for other phone before the N95 came out). That’s one major reason am thankful for the chinese

  2. I feel like he should tell him he didn’t buy it new, he got it from a friend. But this is the actual price.

  3. Give the dad his own phone and lick his wounds… Serves him right. *Wicked Grin**

  4. Buy him a 20k phone, tell him they have run out of yours but u believe this “30k phone” is even better than yours.
    Since started lying to ur dad, keep on and keep the 10k!

  5. @kehinde: that won’t be fair.
    Methinks he should show his dad the review of the NokiaX and other phones within that price range.
    Dad should pick his choice from there.

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