Smartphone size and the forbidden fruit

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Yesterday, Xiaomi’s Mi 4 arrived at Mobility Towers while I was out and about. Elroy ogled and waxed lyrical about how sweet the phone was till I couldn’t bear it any further. Eventually, I was able to dash to the office to get my hands on it. Yes; I am obsessed with smartphones like that. I once drove out of Lagos to pick one. Anyway, I found Elroy’s ejaculatory utterances about the Mi 4 to be forgiveable. He was right: the phone is delicious.

It has a solid premium build, is skinned to look and feel like iOS, has 3G-only network mode, and it fits smugly in my hand. You see, the Mi 4 is a 5-inch smartphone. In other words, it is the perfect size for me.


Anyway, I tweeted about it:

EyeBeekay and I bantered around it. Here was his verdict:

Forbidden fruit ko; forgotten fruit ni.

It is interesting that I have eaten EyebeeKay’s “forbidden fruit” twice – two six-inchers that I really like, Nokia Lumia 1520 and Motorola Nexus 6. I love those devices, but I still found them a bit uncomfortable to use because of their size. Even 5.5-inch smartphones still stretch me a bit. Every time I have used one of those humongous smartphones, I have always longed for something smaller, handier. I know these things differ from person to person. Many of you will probably prefer the bigger smartphones. Even people that have very small hands – people like Nicole, Gladys and Omonzua – all prefer the forbidden fruit.

May the good Lord Have mercy on all your souls. Me? My ideal smartphone has a display between 5 and 5.2 inches. What kind of fruit works for you?


  1. Same here. Bigger phones tend to feel uncomfortable in my hands and pockecting them too is a problem.

    Ideal size to me remain 4.5 to 5.0

  2. Not quite forbidden fruit. I have the Camon C8, and inasmuch as it’s a lovely phone it feels too big. 0.5″ is noticeable, I can just about balance it in one hand. I miss the ease of one hand use and, more importantly, being able to fit into my jeans pocket with ease.

  3. I miss the ease of one hand use and, more importantly, being able to fit into my jeans pocket with ease

    On the Platform of Life (Android)/ that is no issue. Even Samsung monster_sized screens allow you adjust the screen boundaries dynamically. With women, the story about the phone not fitting into their tight jeans pocket is not applicable. Don’t ladies carry purses and handbags about always?

  4. lol, you’re telling people how to use/carry their devices now? there’s a reason why OEMs make devices in different sizes, consumer choice

  5. 5.5″ to 5.7″ screen estate is my preferred choice,generally I like them big but not humongous..

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