In our world today, smartphones have come to stay. It is hard to deny the extent we have gone, the things we have achieved, and

How smartphones have changed the lives of Nigerians

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In our world today, smartphones have come to stay. It is hard to deny the extent we have gone, the things we have achieved, and how our lives have been affected with the advent of smartphones. In Nigeria today, unless you’re living under a rock, it is clear to see the increasing number/trend of smartphone users/usage. Thanks to the Chinese especially, we have lots of affordable smartphones for Nigerians.

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As days go by, more and more people are catching up with the trend. This is more so helped with the cheaper data plans our networks currently offer. Here are a few diverse ways in which the smart mobile is changing the lifestyle of the typical Nigerian:

Nigerians and Financial payments

People are gradually moving to online and mobile banking. Mobile apps and services such as Zoto, Quickteller, Uber etc. are making transactions easier and faster for users. You no longer need to carry cash to get things done. I’m not saying it is ubiquitous yet. There is still that fear of fraud and going cashless, but the trend is coming up.

Nigerians, Social Media, Video and Other Content

The fastest way to dissipate information nowadays is through social media. Long Facebook posts, WhatsApp broadcast messages, tweets, and blogs are mediums through which they happen (Remember the Ebola salt drinking saga 😀 ). Social media has affected and induced the use of smartphones in Nigeria. Even newspaper firms have all gone online.

We haven’t even talked about video. Instagram and Snapchat have encouraged more and more Nigerians to create and consume videos on a daily basis. We have also see a host of Nigerian vloggers doing their thing on YouTube.


People have gotten jobs through the information they got online – possibly through their mobiles. I’ve met a guy that works with his tablet and earns good money online. People are more enlightened these days (or so it seems). With internet in their hands, one can easily Google for whatever information they need.

Even here at MobilityArena, we know how smartphones and usage of same are bettering the lives of Nigerians, and we celebrate it. Now over to you. Have smartphones affected your life in recent times? Be it positive or negative, voice out in the comments.

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  1. UBA used to have the line,

    Imagine the financial skyline without UBA. Unimaginable

    I am finding it difficult to imagine a world without the internet, although I am old enough to recollect when there was no internet as we know it

  2. Truly useful, dear internet is. Do also highly disadvantageous, jes as everything in life has good n bad. The turn around is really thanks to Google baby and her Android child

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