Why smartphones no longer need a removable battery

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Smartphone makers are no longer making devices with removable batteries as much as before. We know that this was once a trademark of Android smartphones, and it was one of the features that differentiated it from Apple phones. However, nowadays it seems like the removable battery is dying out. The reason for this is simple. You no longer need a removable battery.

There are several things that support this notion, one of which is the significant evolution of batteries in recent years. Smartphones can offer way more nowadays than before, thanks to improved technology. Also, there are new advances like fast charging and wireless charging. Furthermore, the presence of improved external batteries has widened the market. Thus, a removable battery is not so paramount anymore. Furthermore, users tend to replace the entire phone, rather than replace the battery, when their device batteries reach the end of their lifespans.removable battery

Another reason for the dwindling of the removable battery is the fact that the demand for it has reduced. Users now prefer to buy good-looking phones and get separate accessories according to their needs. Therefore, smartphone makers began to offer more daring designs on their smartphones, with lots of new features, such as waterproofing. The removable battery was the component of the phone that was sacrificed to make this possible.

Apple started this trend several years ago with the iPhone. Now, other companies have followed suit. Ultimately, the Samsung Galaxy S6 kick-started Samsung’s new design policy without a removable battery, and the S8 was the perfect result. Also, LG is another example a lack of interest from users. According to reports, the LG G5, which offered a removable battery in its modular design, did not thrive as much as the company expected it to.

To summarize, removable batteries are no longer important. Removing them has enabled manufacturers to add some other amazing features to their devices. If you insist on having a battery you can remove, you can still find an abundance of such devices on the market. Just know that those will not be top-range devices.

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