Smartphones you can get your Val for under N50,000 in 2014

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If you are looking for good mid-range smartphones under N50,000 that you can buy your Val this year, here are a few curated for your convenience. And no; the N50,000 is not Ekiti bloggers’money!

Nokia Lumia 520 – N19,000

Nokia Lumia 520 red
The Nokia Lumia 520 is stunning in red, and you can have it in other colours too, if you want. Windows Phone OS. Excellent value for money.

SOLO S450 – N28,500

We recommend the S450 in white. It is so, so sexy! If your partner is an audiophile, you cannot go wrong with free access to 20 million songs on this. It runs Android too!

Nokia Lumia 625 – N37,000

Lumia 625 Red
The Lumia 625 comes in all sorts of colours, but red is the colour of the season, so we say, go with red! Whether it is for your dude or babe, this 4.7 display Windows Phone smartphone is a delight.

Pliris BlazeX – N39,000

BlazeX angle
The BlazeX is a quad-core Android Jelly Bean smartphone with a touch of red here and a dash of red there. If your lady loves Android, this is a good buy for her.

TECNO Phantom A3 – N49,000

TECNO Phantom A3
Available in only two colours: black and white, this is our recommendation if your man is a geek or techie. Android Jelly Bean, a quad-core processor, and that huge 6-inch display means that he will love you till death, though chances are that he will love the phone more than you. Kidding!

There you have our Val’s 2014 list of under-N50,000 smartphones. Go get one now!

  1. think these devices should get honorable mentions – SONY Xperia C, hTC Desire 600, Infinix Alpha X570 & Tecno Phantom A II

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