Smile 4G 10GB bundle gets 12 month validity

Posted by Mister Mobility

At the moment, Smile 4G is my favourite consumer broadband provider in Nigeria. When needing mission-critical service, I turn to them. However, they also provide the costliest consumer broadband service in the country that I am aware of. Their 10GB bundle plan at the rate of N9,000 monthly is my ideal for work.

In addition to the SmileOn feature that gives users continued access to limited but critical sites after exhausting their data allocation, Smile has also now extended the validity of their 10GB plan from 30 days to 12 months. Buy a 10GB bundle and you can spread its use across 12 months. Note also that from whenever you finish the 10GB data, you can then renew in smaller chunks at the rate of N900 per GB. If you ask me, that is convenient for when you have cash flow issues.

Granted, no-one needing mission-critical internet on a daily basis is likely to be able to spread out 10GB for all of 12 months, but the beauty is that now, you do have the freedom to do so. You do not have to use up your data within 30 days.

Here’s a scenario: you can use a less costly (and often less reliable) service as your daily driver for all the little things while keeping an active Smile 4G subscription as backup. When your primary service fails or when you need fast download speeds, you can turn to your Smile 4G link. Or just use Smile 4G as your primary anyway and spread your 10GB over two to four months (after all, not everyone downloads videos all the time and not everyone has mission-critical needs).

This isn’t the Uhuru that Nigerians are looking for, but this move by Smile 4G sure is a step in the right direction.


  1. A really good one. l would say they are merely smelling the coffee and getting compliant.

    1 gig for N1k is the new standard for internet access..Embrace it, or lose customers. In droves. Remeber, the fight for internet customers would be won and.lost at the.bottom of the data consumption pyramid.

    Even a miser like me would go for this….

  2. Competition will always win in the long run….By the time The ‘the big four’ GSM companies launch their own 4G networks….and with Ntel and Intercellular coming on Stream soon….consumers would ne the ultimate winners….i predict 350 per GB or even less in less than 2 years time across board and i want to beleive that i knlw what i am talking about.

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