Smile 4G guns for national voice/data coverage in three African countries

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Smile Telecom Holdings Ltd launched Africa’s first 4G LTE commercial network in the 800MHz band in Tanzania in 2012. The company has since established it’s footprint in Nigeria and Uganda as well.

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The provider plans to expand Smile’s existing 4G LTE mobile broadband networks and services, such that by the end of 2015, it will offer clear voice services and have national coverage comparable to the largest 3G network in each of its current countries of operation.

That is a tall goal. In other words, for example, Smile wants to match MTN’s coverage by December 31st? Oh boy. Plus, the company will be launching voice service too. That is likely to be Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

To achieve that, Smile has raised USD365 million of debt and equity financing. That’s a lot of money, so it is possible that come December, you will be able to roam the country with a Smile mifi or with a Smile SIM in your smartphone.


  1. If this happens,i will be really glad.

    Our GSM providers seem to suck outside Nigeria’s major cities. And swift, spectranet and co are nowhere to be found i.e totally Non-existent.

    This might just bridge the gap between switching providers whilst searching for fast and reliable internet access.

  2. Not a bad idea but me thinks making their 3G services available to all and sundry is a more realistic and achievable objective in the shorter run..

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