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In today’s world, software development is key to technological advancement in many ways. I have often stated how sad it is that our tertiary institutions offer nothing worth talking about in terms of software development – or in terms of entrepreneurship either. That is very sad, because two of the key driving forces in today’s world are sorely missing from our developmental landscape. This is a key reason why the iDEA Hub is an initiative that is very much welcome at this time. We need software development, and we need the entrepreneurial spirit to make it succeed in the marketplace.

Last Friday witnessed the launching of iDEA Hub at Sabo, Yaba in Lagos. iDEA stands for Information Technology Developers Entrepreneurship Accelerator. iDEA’s mission is to help Nigerian entrepreneurs create successful software technology businesses by providing work spaces, professional services, mentoring and other support. The centre has a goal of having helped to start 25 thriving software businesses by 2015. iDEA’s particular interests are mobile, enterprise, entertainment, linguistic, custom programs and business intelligence. They will, however, consider other areas as well.

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The iDEA Hub is a government initiative, but aptly in the hands of private individuals to manage. Setup as a limited liability company un der the chairmanship of Adedotun Sulaiman, iDEA Hub is located at 296 Herbert Macaulay Way (next building to CcHub), at Sabo, Yaba. Surrounded by educational institutions, public facilities and a cluster of businesses, the centre’s location is strategic and easily accessible from most of Lagos. Hopefully, the Yaba axis can develop into a very vibrant IT hub for the country. Perhaps we shall see other accelerators and incubators spring up in the same area as well. I think this will be good for collaboration as a whole. Meanwhile, iDEA will be launching other centres across the country.

Some of the big supporters of iDEA include software giants like Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Oracle and broadband provider, MainOne.

Yes; I think that iDEA Hub is necessary and relevant to our times. We need more centres and initiatives like this. With good management and focus, we can expect to see success stories in software development in the coming years. Here’s wishing the iDEA team the very best.

Visit the iDEA Hub website for more info.


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