Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 finally gets Gingerbread

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Here is good news for Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 owners – the promised Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) update for your devices is now ready and rolling. This update brings to the X10 SE’s new “Facebook Inside Xperia” integration, Wifi and USB tethering, and a re-vamped music app and photo widget, among others.

This makes the 1 year plus device a very relevant product in the market. The X10 features a 4-inch capacitive display, 1GHz processor, 1 GB internal storage, 384 MB RAM, an 8 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash.

The X10 was originally launched with Android 1.6. The device is now available for just N65,000 in the MobilityNigeria Phone Store. The current price makes the X10 a very attractive high-end device right now. There is very little difference in terms of features between the X10 and the newer Xperia Arc.

The Gingerbread update for the X10 is available via Sony Ericsson PC Companion only. If you own an X10, go get your update right away.


  1. I wasn’t expecting Sony ericsson to ever release gingerbread for the X10 series. This is great work from them. It’s really a bargain to buy the X10 now and upgrade it to Gingerbread, than to buy the Arc at 105k.

  2. The X10 is now at par with Samsung’s Galaxy S and the Desire S, and just about with the Xperia Arc.

    Whiler the Galaxy S II has got some edge, I’ll take the X10’s better build quality over the S II’s platiqueness.

    If I wanted a top-grade Android smartphone now, it is the Xperia X10 that I would purchase. It just looks like the best value-for-money at the moment.

  3. The X10 is now at par with Samsung’s Galaxy S and the Desire S, and just about with the Xperia Arc.

    Even before this announcement, the X10 has remained more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S.

    1. @Harry, how?

      The SGS has not come below 90k for months, and the X10 has hovered between 65 – 75k.

  4. Good one. Deokadoctor will be thrilled!

    @Harry. At 65k in MN online store, isn’t the X10 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S?

    1. Galaxy S is cheaper, goes for 60K at Slot in CV and X10 for 70K.

      That’s the modified Galaxy S with LCD display. The original Galaxy S with SuperAMOLED display costs 90k and above.

  5. @spacyzuma:

    The SGS has not come below 90k for months, and the X10 has hovered between 65 – 75k.

    Wouldn’t know. Maybe because of the availability of Galaxy S II.

  6. Is this specifically for Nigerian or African markets or is it that Samsung has two versions of the Galaxy S?

    1. Samsung has two different versions. The Galaxy i9000 S with SuperAMOLED and the Galaxy i9003 SL with LCD display. The i9003 SL has also has a different CPU (1GHz Cortex A8 CPU with a less capable GPU compared to the original Galaxy S i9000), and a different battery (higher capacity 1650 mAh).

      The news was that the i9003 SL came a result of a shortage of SuperAMOLED components.

    2. And to further complicate matters, Samsung have produced the Galaxy S Plus – exact same dimensions as the Galaxy S, but with a Super AMOLED display, more powerful 1.4GHz processor, 1650mAh battery, and a slightly less powerful graphics chipset.

      So, we have three devices which are basically the same bar a few minor differences:

      1. Galaxy S
      2. Galaxy SL
      3. Galaxy S Plus

      What gives?

  7. @yomi,
    I don’t think most people will tow your line on buying x10 over the galaxy s I9000. Even with its plastic back cover, the super amoled screen complements. For me, i have come to love this samsung plastics or whatever. It makes their devices light weight. I dont have to bother about my phone pulling down on buba & sokoto.My colleague that horridly bought the x10 while I waited for the sgs wished he had done same. The screen displays are way apart. Well, whatever tickles one’s fancy I guess.

  8. Now talking about plastics, the S.E. experia X10 has one of the worst plastic backs I ever encountered. You’re always afraid it would break anytime you open the back.

    The update is a welcome thing. We’ve been expecting it for quite sometime now. However, you will need to update via PC Companion as usual. The only problem is the PC Companion itself must be upgraded to it’s latest version first and this is one big issue. It never got downloaded while trying to update. Best to download a fresh version from Sony Ericsson site and install. I don’t know if this issue is peculiar to my laptop/network combo.

  9. @afewgoodmen,

    Thrilled?? Hardly my man, hardly..
    Not with Starcomms playing up as usual and no viable alternatives. Updates are pains in the *ss in this part of the world (rural Nigeria – sapele)

  10. Was able to download and installed the S.E. PC Companion at last. Got it from But after connecting my phone and checking for software update, I was told my phone is up to date. Meaning the update is yet to be available in this region.

    I guess we might have a little waiting to do.

  11. “Got it from….” Typo error due to the dumb auto correct software on the X10. I mean to say I got it from

    After downloading, the PC Companion, you install directly if you do not have a previous version. But if you have a previous version, the installation will just update your version to the latest one without going through the process of un-installing the previous version. Top marks for S.E. there.

  12. @ Yomi
    oooohhh… I didn’t even get that you were picking the x10 over galaxy sII….aaahhhh… abomination! ! How dare you! Lol!

  13. (( 1. Galaxy S
    2. Galaxy SL
    3. Galaxy S Plus

    What gives? ))

    A confusing stratagem of GALACTIC proportion!

    Nokia 5230, 5235, 5800, 5530 5535. Same phone. Same confusion. Ha !!!!
    What IS the point of such TINY technical differentiations? PRICE? Variety-just for its sake?

  14. This is the lords doing,

    it was as if it could never happen considering the type of welcome the phone had in the beginning.

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