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Sony Xperia P visits MOBILITY

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The last time that we had an Xperia here at MOBILITY Towers was way back in February 2012. That was the hardware QWERTY equipped Xperia Pro. Those were the days before Sony Ericsson lost Ericsson and became Sony. Now, we have the Sony Xperia P visiting us for a while.

The Xperia P is love at first sight. This is one very sexy looking smartphone. Darn! It is one of the most gorgeous smartphones on the market. No; the image above does not do it justice. While it is a mid-range device, you would be forgiven for assuming that it costs more than its price bracket. The unit we have here is black.


The Xperia P comes with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich installed. Sony says that there is a planned upgrade to v4.1 (Jelly Bean) “from the end of March” 2013. The P has got a 4-inch display, an 8 megapixel camera (Yaaaay!) with LED flash, and runs on a Dual-Core 1GHz processor and 1 GHz RAM. Built-in memory is 16GB and that is all you get, as there is no microSD slot on this baby.

In the short time it has been here, the Xperia P has proven a smooth performer. I am not sure why though, but it feels small in the hand. Which is odd, because I am currently using a smaller display smartphone, the Lumia 610. Perhaps it is because while bigger, it feels much lighter in the hand than the 610. Or maybe it is because the last Android smartphones that I handled were giants – Galaxy Note II and HTC One X. Perhaps. Still, because of the moderate display size, one-handed use of the Xperia P has been cool.


I have played some music on the device and it has been impressive. The audio reproduction is miles ahead of the 610.I think that the Xperia P will generally make a good impression on me, barring any shocking bugs and glitches. I am however apprehensive about that 1305 mAh battery. It is small. But then, who knows what sort of power management Sony has built in?

Do you have questions about the Xperia P? Are there things that you want me to focus on while I have it around? Let’s have your comments, questions and contributions!

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  2. how durable… maintenance.. support from sony n odas for upgrades… n if pos availability of parts in naija

  3. Am interested in knowing the price.

    I watch alot of videos on my phone on the move so i would also like to be sure it does Mass storage and file system (I believe it does) and can it play 1080P Videos.

    Any phone with minimum 1GZ dual processor, 1GBM Ram and 4-inch display should be good for the general public.

    It would have been nicer to add Microsd and a bigger battery considering the fact that it runs Android.

  4. Yeah, the new line of Sony Android phones are generally beautiful, but they’ve allowed manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG etc. to prove they can deliver too. It is going to be a very tough one for Sony fighting back into leadership position since they now need to battle in the area of pricing too, which I do not think they are very good at.

  5. I know someone who recently got the Xperia P after being a long time Blackberry user. She loves it but said Whatsapp isn’t as happening as BBM 😀

  6. This device isn’t pleasing to my sight and I was about to go wolverine on it then I saw your the images doesn’t do justice to it remark. I’m NOT a fan of Sony mobile devices not even when they were SonyEricsson. Their devices always feel so rigid to me….and their ICONs mega sucks. Plus several of them look so very much alike like what HTC did with Sensation, Sensation XE, Xl, HD where there was very little or nothing differentiating their models. I like my device to not look like several others.

  7. Still don’t understand why a phone that was launched in May 2012 is just getting to Nigeria.
    No word on the price yet & where I can get it ? I’m based in port harcourt.

  8. talktimi,

    There is nothing in my article that says the phone just got to Nigeria. However, it is just getting to us for review. Price range is N47,000 to N50,000. You can order through MOBILITY. Do call 08078039228.

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