There are scores of speed test apps available in the various mobile app stores and we have tried our hands on quite a few. Here

Speed Test Apps: Here are our favourites

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There are scores of speed test apps available in the various mobile app stores and we have tried our hands on quite a few. Here are our favourites.

If fast internet is important to you, you will have need to run a speed test every now and then. Whether needing to test a public Wifi hotspot or your mobile network’s performance, a speed test app is what you need to do a quick check.

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Our Favourite Speed Test Apps

  1. Speedtest by Ookla

    SpeedTest is the world’s number one app for testing internet speeds. Ookla has been at this business a long time before the others showed up and they have stayed in the game till now.The app is highly graphical and gives tech-savvy users access to settings and options they can fiddle with. It also offers the option to display a table of your most recent results. Speedtest has recorded over 50 million downloads in Play Store.

  2. FAST Speed Test by Netflix

    Fast Speed Test is the simplest of the speed test apps we have used. It is also a recent one. This is perhaps most suitable for the non-techie person who just wants results without having to push buttons or tinker with anything. Load the app and it runs the speed test and displays the results. That is it. If you want another test, just tap the Refresh button. The app has recorded over 500,000 downloads in Play Store.

  3. 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test by OpenSignal

    This is currently our most favoured of the lot. This app by OpenSignal is simple, yet packs a package. In addition to running speed tests and a results table, it also offers features that help you locate the nearest cell tower to you, show you operator performance (their locations and fastest speeds) in your area, separates 3G networks from 4G LTE networks and WiFi, as well as find free WiFi. It is as comprehensive as it is simple. OpenSignal’s Speed Test & 3G 4G WiFi Maps has recorded 10 million downloads in the short time it has been available – and that is no surprise to us.

Download A Speed Test App

There you go. You have seen the list of our top speed test apps. You have enough variety to choose from, depending on your needs. If you are already using one that you think is just as great as those on our list, do share with us and with everyone else by posting a comment below.


  1. I haven’t try any of these apps before, with what I just red now, I think I need to give it a try by going to play store to download any of the three mentioned above

  2. I do see ‘ping’, ‘download ‘ & ‘upload’ while carrying out a speed test. What is the meaning of ping, download and upload to a lame man?

  3. I’ve used Speedtest by Ookla for years now and I love the way it renders results. I’ve used Fast too, though on web. I think its sluggish

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