State of the smartphone OS market 2014

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According to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), here is what the worldwide smartphone market looked like at the end of the calendar year 2014 (CY14):

  1. Android OS: 81.5%
  2. iOS: 14.8%
  3. Windows Phone: 2.7%
  4. BlackBerry: 0.4%
  5. Others: 0.6%

***Others = Sailfish OS, Firefox OS, etc


  1. I think this chart is quite inaccurate, I expect the BlackBerry segment to be a bit higher from numbers I have encountered personally.

  2. Hehehe,from the numbers you have encountered personally?sorry but it’s a joke that merits a laugh, many BlackBerrys have you encountered..let me guess..5 thousand..newsflash,Blackberry smartphones is a dying breed..

  3. We all know that BlackBerry is a dying breed, but with the wake of bb10 OS the tides are beginning to change.
    As from my encounter, I don’t mean myself coming across millions of phones but using those around as a base point to predict what is obtainable.

  4. The fact is,the African Smartphone market is still in its infancy,no thanks to our low economic power,sadly for BlackBerry those markets in which it has its strength,which also includes some parts of Asian are not viable enough to sustain its market share and thus the reason for its continued decline..

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