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The Symbian Foundation has been hard at work since its establishment. There has been a lot of work going on towards improving the Symbian operating system’s user interface, among others.

Symbian^4, which will be replacing AVKON (the current UI libraries and framework for s60) is scheduled by the Symbian Foundation to appear on the first device sometime in early 2011.

Here are a few screenshots of the upcoming Symbian user interface.

S4 home

s4 menu

Of course, all this is still work-in-progress and may not represent the final outlook. The vertical list-style menu reminds us of the menu of the now rested Symbian UIQ, which powered the Sony Ericsson P-series – only much more refined. Take a look:


Still, what do you think? Do you think that Symbian is headed in the right direction?



  1. I’m definitely one of those that prefer function over form. I had an iphone some months back but the experience fell short of my expectation, one of my gripes with it was my inability to do a simple transfer over bluetooth, no multitasking. To me i wouldn’t really go for a touch only input device. I just hope there efforts come close to that of maemo. I especially like the task preview window.

  2. i have always felt that Symbian was a little dull when it comes to GUI. I always wished for something a little more eye pleasing from such a powerful software. I doubt if there will be a revolutionary change from what we are used to except in the looks department. I look forward to its release

  3. I don’t care how hard they upgrade; I just want the Android experience, for now. Enough of Symbian already. They’re waking-up to the Palm, Blackberry, iPhone onslaught, too late.

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