Symbian Belle on the Nokia E7 and N8

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Previously, we had been treated to some images showing us some of what the Symbian Belle user interface will look like, and they were nice. Now, we have both a screenshot of Belle UI on the Nokia E7 and a video (yes; a video) of Belle running on the N8.

Screenshots: Symbian Belle on the Nokia E7

Belle on E7
Sweet, ey?

Video: Symbian Belle running on Nokia N8

In the video, we see:

  • the resizeable and dragable homescreen widgets,
  • the persistent back button and search button in the bottom toolbar
  • the new top status bar with new icons,
  • the new web browser with a much more user-friendly UI
  • drop-down notifications menu
  • the new camera UI – looks gorgeous to me!
  • the new calendar UI

Symbian Belle looks like a top-notch UI job. Personally, I think that when this is complete, the team/s behind Symbian development at Nokia in the last one year should be saluted for a job well done. Yes; it arrived late, and yes, the CEO killed off their baby.

But anyone who knows Symbian’s heritage as a smartphone OS designed primarilly for non-touch devices in the days of small screens and limited mobile resources will appreciate what these guys have done transforming it to what we see in Belle today.

Does this video suugest that Belle is not so far off? Perhaps. But it certainly shows that the guys at Nokia have been hard at work. Perhaps Nokia would love to have Belle running before the completion of the handover to Accenture, after which all Symbian gets are minor updates?

Here I am already salivating over Belle when Anna is not even yet in my hands. There’s no justice in this world, guys; none whatsoever.


  1. (( There’s no justice in this world, guys; none whatsoever. ))
    You jUst NAILED the HAMMER on the noggin , or whatever…

  2. The Nokia N8 is the best fone i’ve ever come across (and i’m a gadget freak).Just got mine on Sunday and after a few hiccups (severe restarting) it now runs like a dream.Never thought i could adapt to a software keyboard so quickly.Can’t wait for anna and belle beyond it.

  3. Everyone is adopting the drop-down notification originally known with droids. Apple, RIM now nokia…. I wonder why google is not instituting law suits since that seems to be the way to edge out competition these days.

  4. Belle can wait till infinity if she wishes. 2 things have turned my mind away from future Symbian updates.

    First, On Friday, I downloaded a hacked version Of Symbian Anna and flashed my N8 with it. I’ve spent all weekend tinkering with it and reinstalling my apps. It’s really cool, with beautiful icons and new features. Let me enjoy it while Nokia plays their usual delaying game.

    Second, my dream android phone that I’ve been waiting for since February {Sony ericsson Xperia Pro), is now available for purchase at a few online stores.

    Finally, the N9 will be released in Sweden on Sept 23, about6 weeks away. It shouldn’t take long for it to be released in South Africa, or for some sharp dudes to get it to Nigeria.

  5. I am not sure I have the symbian belle update on my Nokia N8 yet because the last update that popped up on my phone screen was an anna update.I equally observed that whenever I search for an update ,a message on the screen informs me that my phone’s software is up to date.Would it be that I already have belle running without being aware?

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